Black Lemonade Recipe

We are always on the lookout for cleansing drinks because we live in a world full of toxins. Well, it’s been said that this cleansing drink is so powerful, that you have to be careful when drinking it!

Cleanses are natural products that are able to affect the organism in such a way in that they purify toxins and chemicals from your body. The perfect cleanse includes a digestive system boost, improved intestinal performance, and better sleeping habits to name a few of the benefits.

The benefits of detoxing are endless, even mind clarity and energy levels will be improved in the process. To help any detox program, eliminate potentially harmful foods, including wheat, processed, packaged foods, cow dairy, refined sugar, and inflammatory fats.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to incorporate certain practices in your daily life. Things like proper dieting, adequate hydration, limited caffeine and alcohol, and no cigarettes or unnecessary medications.

Here are some detox tips that will help you get all the benefits you need:

Use natural personal care products.
Dry brush your skin each morning.
Upon waking up drink lukewarm lemon water.
Whenever possible eat organic products and use cold-pressed vegetable juices.
Perform Epsom, Himalayan salts detox or even an alkaline bath.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
Limit caffeine intake.
Drink alcohol sparingly.

Stress, improper diet and many other environmental factors can affect the body negatively, stuffing it with toxins of all sorts, thus burdening the most vital body organs.