3 Small Changes For a Bigger, Better, Butt

One of my favorite exercises for a bigger, firmer butt is simply climbing up the stairs. It’s such an easy, effective change to make and after awhile, you’ll hardly think about it at all. It will become second nature to walk up the stairs and bypass the elevator. Whenever you have the opportunity to take the stairs, do so.

Choose what you eat wisely

Eating is something we all do several times a day, every single day. That’s why the food we eat is going to have the biggest impact on our body than nearly anything else we do. The best, fastest, and most long-lasting change we can make comes from changing our eating habits.

Cutting out or severely limiting the amount of processed foods you eat is the number one dietary change you can make. Foods loaded with sugar or salt, fast foods and junk foods should be avoided. Making this change is simple (not necessarily easy), and the fastest way to kick-start getting the booty you want. Not to mention, a lovely toned, curvaceous waistline and a overall healthier body.