5 Essential Oils to Boost Your Sexual Energy

Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat illnesses and elevate mood. You can also use them to increase sexual desire and take your bedroom activities to a new level. Here are five excellent oils that can be used as aphrodisiacs.

SANDALWOOD has a woodsy, masculine scent that is a perfect choice for men. The fragrance is heavy and erotic. Some essential oil enthusiasts say that sandalwood gets its sexual magic because it has a similar smell to testosterone.

This essential oil has been used in India to treat impotence and to relieve anxiety. Mix a few drops with a carrier oil for a sexy experience from the Orient.

JASMINE – This exotic floral scent is considered highly sexual and is often used in perfumes. It is said to bring about a sense of energetic euphoria.

Use Jasmine when you are planning a seduction. Diffuse this oil in the bedroom for a wonderful scent that will have you and your partner crazy for each other.

BLACK PEPPER – Turn up the heat with black pepper essential oil. Try putting a few drops on the bottom of your feet to increase libido and rev up your internal sensuality.