5 Reasons Pinup Fashion Appeals to Feminists (Despite Its Origins)

The 50’s were an antiquated time where a woman played a supporting role in her husband’s life. She took care of his house and his children. Society expected her to be the kind and generous host, with perfect hair, clothes and makeup with enough intelligence and wit to entertain but not enough to make a man insecure.
Luckily, these ideals have largely been cast straight into the garbage bin to make way with the stunning new idea that women are people equal to men, who have their own dreams, thoughts, and ambitions. But not everything from the 50’s should collect dust in a museum or be regulated to history textbooks that students and teachers cringe through. The fashion from this era is something worth saving even if the messaging around it is not. The pinup fashion from this era is finding a new home in the Internet-obsessed world of 2018.
If you subscribe to feminism, you might have a hard time accepting anything from this era that tied women down to men through laws and customs. However, the power of feminism has left its mark in this revival of 50’s pinup fashion like red lipstick on a Starbucks’ coffee cup. Here are five ways pinup fashion is feminist:
1. Embraces body types