9 Gross Beauty Habits That You May Be Doing

Yanking them out with tweezers seems like an easy fix, but it’s a bad idea. If your tweezers aren’t clean, germs can come in direct contact with a mucous membrane. This gives the bugs a fast-pass to your bloodstream, says Peterson. Your nose hairs are meant actually to trap the germs from entering your system. “By removing those hairs, you’re leaving yourself more vulnerable to illnesses like the common cold.”

Fix: Trim instead of pluck. First sanitize the clippers beforehand with rubbing alcohol and then trim. Remember that you still need some to keep your germs, so you just have to do enough so that the noses hairs are no longer visible. To play it safe, use a motorized nostril trimmer, so you’re less likely to nick yourself, says Peterson. One to try: Panasonic Vortex Nose & Facial Hair Trimmer ($15,  -by Chrissy S.