A Remarkable 20 Minute Morning Routine That Will Help You Shed Pounds Effortlessly

Getting a healthy body is not just about calories. According to many scientific studies, there are multiple factors that affect body weight, so it’s important to a balanced routine every day to help get your body right, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Having a balanced routine at the start of your day sets the attitude for the entire day. Starting with a healthy morning routine will increase your chances of successful weight loss.


Use a Gratitude Journal

Positive thinking is always helpful, so focusing on the positive at the start of the day will increase the “feel-good” hormones and shed stress hormones. To make it more successful, before you even get out of bed, take a couple of minutes to write about the things you are thankful for.

That will help you to release stress, which causes weight gain. Stress is bad for the waistline for multiple reasons:

  • When the people are stressed they find fattening foods more rewarding, which leads to overeating.
  • The cortisol spike that goes with stress can actually make your body less receptive to insulin, which causes fat-storing. When you lose sensitivity to insulin, fat storage goes up and it becomes easy to gain pounds.


Any type of stretching can be helpful by improving your range of motion and relieving muscle tension. As muscle tension is associated with physical pain, feeling better physically, helps you be happier emotionally, resulting in a positive hormonal effect on the body.

Stretching gets your blood flowing, giving you more energy, and you are less likely to crave fattening foods (sugar and refined carbohydrates).

Drink a Glass Of Water