Diet Soda Linked to Weight Gain, Dementia, and Diabetes

Numerous studies over the past several years have reported links between diet soda and weight gain, diabetes, heart problems, and other health issues. Most recently, headlines sounded alarms about a higher chance of dementia and stroke among diet soda drinkers.

The problem, the artificial sweeteners (mainly aspartame) used to sweeten sodas.  Research has shown that artificial sweeteners affect gut bacteria, which in turn affect your metabolism.

Why Your Diet Soda May Cause Weight Gain

One possible explanation for the link between diet sodas and weight gain and diabetes risk: The artificial sweeteners in diet soft drinks may trick you into overcompensating, or eating a greater number calories than you normally would, says Christopher Gardner, PhD, director of nutrition studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center.

Due to these studies, demand and sales have plummeted as consumers try to make healthier beverage choices.

According to the largest study done by The University of Iowa: