How to Shadow Box

Shadowboxing with Your Mouthpiece-The mouth is the most vulnerable part in shadow box exercise. So it becomes inevitable to incorporate a mouth guard into your training, to catch how to sustain breathing in this workout regime. Same goes for hand wraps, wear them when you train.

Shadowboxing with Weights

Start small, holding small dumbbells or weights in either hand as you shadowbox. Shadow boxing added weight helps you simulate a situation as you put on a heavy gloves, but also help you strengthen your shoulder muscles. It also helps you maintain speed when you aren’t holding the weights. Do not add weights more than 2 or three pounds as it may lead to potential shoulder and elbow injuries. Adding small weights to normal punching routines, you’ll be increasing the resistance and forcing your arms, shoulders, chest, back and core to work harder, resulting in leaner, stronger muscles. Once the weights are removed, your hands will feel lighter and faster than ever, improving hand speed.