Meal Prep

Pasta Prep

Here’s some much needed colorful meal prep inspiration to kick off the week! Remember to always try and eat the rainbow!

😋 Brilliantly prepped by the one and only @ljadeparker

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Pasta Prep! 😍
This mealprep is all about comfort food with lunches, dinners & snacks ready for the week.
👌 Lunch – Choice of pasta (rotini or penne) with homemade sauce and meatballs (made with lean ground turkey, pork & veal) plus salads.
🔸Dinner – Spiced honey boneless chicken thighs with spaghetti squash & green beans.
🔸Snacks – Banana walnut chocolate chip muffins adapted from @graciouspantry and 6 ingredient chocolate chip oatmeal cookies from @rachels_nd. 🔸Breakfast is planned and will be prepped each morning – Eggs with turkey bacon & rye toast + coffee.
🔸There is a lot more already made since I prep for 2 people – Extra muffins, meatballs, sauce, pasta & sausages which I will freeze and additional veggies which will stay in the fridge👍