Reflexology for Foot Pain

Metatarsals are the long bones of the feet. If any of these fall weak due to excessive stress then it triggers pain and soreness at the ball of the foot. People who are athletes or who are bound to jump a lot, suffer from metatarsalgia. Another major cause of metatarsalgia may be an ill-fitting shoes or abnormal distribution of weight which makes walking impossible.

2)   Plantar Fasciitis

This is another grave cause of foot pain that is caused due to inflammation of the plantar fascia, a tissue which extends from the heel of the foot to the fore bone. It is also caused due to over-pronation of feet. The pain in this case is usually felt in the morning when the plantar fascia retracts to its original position.

3)   Heel Spur

It is an abnormal protrusion of the heel bone which is caused due to calcium deposit formed due to plantar fascia deviating from the heel area. They can also be caused walking or running on excessive hard surfaces without any protection on the soles.

4)   Callus

Calluses are thick hard spots of dead skins caused due to excessive pressure. Women who wear high heels normally suffer from calluses. It is caused when the bony areas of the feet are rubbed excessively. When the feet undergo over-pronation, the friction of the individual metatarsal bones are inflamed.

5)   Bunion

Bunions are a very common type of foot problem caused due to prolonged use of improper foot wear. Friction with poor quality foot wear causes the big toe to get protruded from one end, which is known as a callus. The condition due to which the big toe grows inwards is called Hallux Valgus.

6)  Corns