Reflexology for Foot Pain

  • Your stomach is located just above the arch of the foot. If you move down slightly, you’ll find the location of your left kidney. The spleen is located just to the right of the stomach area. The heart is located two inches below your toes.
  • Foot Reflexology Massage

    A refreshing reflexology massage not only cures all your ailments but also lets you stand back on your feet. So a pair of healthy feet is a sign of a healthy body. First locate the point of foot pain depending on which you can start a massage therapy. This is how you can apply a foot reflexology massage for curing foot pain-

    • Start by massaging the bottom of your big toe, slowly move to the tip of your toe. Then, repeat the process with your remaining toes.
    • Slowly come down to the part between the feet webbing and start massaging.
    • Now move on to your right feet and start massaging with your thumb and index finger from top to bottom. Then start massaging from left to right foot. Repeat the process on the other side.
    • Thumb walking is a great technique to get relaxation and relieve pain through reflexology. Put your finger and thumb on spine area of the foot (runs down from toe to heel), then massage this area with both hands. After this thumb walk your way up from bottom of heel to big toe then thumb walk down the spine from tip of toe to bottom of heel.

    Precautions for a Healthy Feet

    Foot pain may strike any day and may be inevitable. But to ensure you are a proud owner of a pair of healthy feet, maintain these precautions.

    • Keep your feet clean and dry from fungus and moisture.
    • Cover your feet in public places from dirt and dust.
    • Wear shoes with proper size. Replace your shoes if you feel any kind of discomfort or pinching.
    • Do a pedicure once in a while with shampoo and old toothbrush.
    • Cut your toe nails regularly.