Shadow Boxing Workout to Get a Lean and Mean Frame

A shadow boxing workout is a fitness workout program where a person fights with an imaginary opponent, which helps to better his or her fighting skills and also results as a good fitness workout program. Shadow boxing has many benefits, which also include shaping the figure of your body by burning bad cholesterol and excess calories.

By performing a proper shadow boxing exercise, you can melt the excess fat from your inner thighs, belly and other flabby areas. Doing it correctly will yield positive results to improve the shape of your body.

A regular shadow boxing workout would range between 10-15 minutes per a day. However, if you are very serious about shadow boxing as a fitness program, then you should practice shadow boxing for at least 30 minutes every day.

Where to Shadow Box

Ideally, shadow boxing is practiced mainly in front of a wall or any other reflecting surface, where the shadow of your body is visible. You can also practice shadow boxing in the gym, in front of a mirror or even with a partner. If you are shadow boxing with a partner, then it is preferred to maintain some distance from him or her.

An advantage of shadow boxing with a partner is that you get the feel of aggression and determination, which increases the power in your punches. Remember not to actually punch or kick your partner, otherwise it would not be shadow boxing.

Shadow Kickboxing Workout

Shadow kickboxing is an excellent way to engage every muscle of your body with the forceful coordination of hands and feet hitting the opponent (may be imaginary).