Six Fashion Blunders That Are Making You Look Fat

If you can’t find pants that are the perfect length, always err on the side of longer rather than shorter. If your pants stop at your ankles, you can look several pounds heavier. The ideal pants will just graze the floor, creating a tall and slender appearance.

4. Wearing shoes with ankle straps

Ankle straps immediately make your legs look much shorter and wider, creating the impression that you are heavier than you are. However, high heels without straps are an asset, making you look tall and slim.

5. Highlighting problem areas

When you know that a body part isn’t your best feature, work to draw attention elsewhere. For example, if you don’t like your tummy then stay away from tight, thin fabrics that cling to your middle section. Instead, buy things that skim over the abdomen and highlight a different area (such as slender arms or an ample bosom).

6. Wearing pants that sit at the wrong level

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Wearing low-rise pants can create an unsightly bulge of flesh at the top of your waistband, while high-rise pants make even the slimmest person appear to have a round, soft stomach. Medium-rise pants are the way to go if you’re trying to create a streamlined look. -by Char Brown