These Home Exercises Are a Sure Fire Success

Position yourself in a push up position, stretching your arms and your palms resting on the floor. Your legs and back should be aligned to the floor. Now keeping your back straight bend your elbows and push yourself down to the floor. Push yourself back up once you complete one rep.

  • Shoulder Press

This exercise is best performed with help of a resistance band to add more challenge to your band. Hold a resistance band and step on the middle of the band. Now pull both ends of the band till they reach shoulder length. Try to stretch your hands as much as possible to add more challenge to your workout. Revert back to original position. Do 10 to 12 reps.

  • Squats

These are the most tried and tested exercises for all fitness levels. This is the quintessential move that can be done anytime and anywhere reaping excellent benefits. Stand with your feet at shoulder length apart. Keeping your back straight engage your core muscles pushing your hips backwards and bending your knees at 90 degrees. Stretch your arms to maintain balance and then jump up to original position. Do 10 to 12 reps.

Home is where the heart is, so if you feel going to the gym is irksome, then try out these well tested home workouts to get the body you desire without the expense of a gym membership.


Puloma Banerjee