Want Fuller Lips? Use These Makeup Tricks!

Have you ever wished that your lips were plumper and more seductive? Many women dream of having full, luscious, lips, but they are not willing to undergo painful, expensive surgery to achieve this look. Fortunately, there are some simple makeup tricks that will make your lips appear to be fuller than those that Mother Nature gave you.

In order to make your lips appear fuller with the use of makeup, you should first take a close look at the lips of some famous full-lipped beauties. You will see that the appearance of fullness is enhanced by the way that light is reflected from two main areas of the lip: the bow at the top of the lips, and the fullest part of the bottom lip in the center. In order to create an appearance of fuller lips, you must recreate the appearance of light being reflected from these two portions of the lips. You need to use techniques developed by artists who have learned to create the illusion of volume through the clever placement of light and dark pigments.

lip 1

Before you start making up your lips, you should first fill in any creases around your lips so that your lipstick will not bleeding into the tiny cracks. You can keep your lipstick from feathering by using clear lip balm to outline your lips before you start your makeup application or you can apply a lip primer to seal this area.