Watermelon – a Tasty Treat, and a Unique Hairstyle

Watermelon is a favorite summer treat, but this year it’s trending in a whole new way. Instagram is filling up with pictures of green and pink-tinted hair, faded to resemble a watermelon. This latest trend in hair coloring may sound crazy, but some of the biggest beauty bloggers and magazines are raving about the vibrant and colorful hues.

Elle UK reports that the watermelon trend is responsible for more than 3 million hashtags on Instagram. A quick search brings up a multitude of vibrant greens fading down into a pink tone. Some celebrities have even jumped on board with Lily Allen and Hilary Duff showing up in pictures with watermelon inspired hair color.

Think you can’t pull it off? You can try out this trend, even if you don’t want to go the full-blown popping green and bright pink route. These are just a few of the  variations of the watermelon trend you can try.

1. Ombre:

The ombre trend has been around for a while, and stylists are using it to apply the green and pink watermelon colors.

2. Two tone hair: