What’s the Best Type of Rice for Health and Muscle Building

Rice, in its many forms, can be considered one of the most important staple foods in the world and it is quite possible it has been that way since the dawn of civilization. Today, it is estimated that is supplies approximately 20% of the world’s total food energy. Asia and the Pacific region produce and consume 90% of all the rice on the planet and in the United States, rice industry is worth 2.2 billion dollars in exports alone

There are literally thousands varieties of rice, including short, medium and long-grain white rice, brown rice, purple, yellow, black, red and all the shades in between, each of them differentiated by a unique flavor and texture. Nowadays, basmati rice from India, Arborio from Italy and jasmine from Thailand are growing in popularity amongst countless other types. These same varieties can be quite costly in comparison to white rice, even twice as much.

It’s been stated many times that brown rice is a lot healthier than white rice. That is true, however, we should take the growing process into consideration, since it’s of vital importance to know the chemicals used during the growing process and how these foods have found the path to your table.

White rice has been shown to be inferior in regards to macronutrient content to wild rice

Although white rice has more thiamin, about 25% of the RDA(Recommended Daily Value), calcium and folic acid, wild rice presents a longer overall nutritional profile, satisfying 10% of the RDA in regard to folates, niacin and vitamin B6 and 8% in riboflavin in a one-cup serving.