Workout for Sleeker and Stronger Abs

Summer is just round the corner and it’s almost time to start sporting your fav bikini, short shorts and beach bod. You don’t have to be rail thin to have tight abs. But now, as you look at yourself in the mirror you wish you didn’t have that tiny bulge over the tummy.

Acquiring toned flat abs are one of the pinnacles of our fitness goals. Men crave an Adonis like six pack while women vie for the perfectly chiselled waist line. And we’re all aware of the extra push needed to sculpt out those fab abs that everyone drools over!

Your abs are the part of your core and carving a stronger mid-section definitely has a cumulative effect on the entire body. The abs are part of your body which control the pelvic muscle, hips and the muscles of the spine. But all this transformation doesn’t happen overnight, it requires yielding to a strict diet and adequate rest supported by some abs strengthening exercises.

Getting those toned abs need more than fending off your delicious cravings! Sometimes just doing a series of ab crunches is not enough to tone down your abs. Your abs are the axis of your core strength so you need to engage in all kinds of moves extended from it.

Let’s check out some of the foods and exercises you need to count on to get a stronger and sexy midrib:


Reduce Sugar intake

Avoid eating a lot of sweetened beverages as they are loaded with sugar. Sugar is half glucose and half fructose. Our liver can burn only a limited amount of sugar into energy. If we eat too much of sugar then our liver gets overloaded with fructose which creates insulin resistance and results in the accumulation of fat. And our abs are the soft target for fat deposit.