10 Genius Reasons Why You Should Keep Lemons in Your Freezer

Loads of vitamin C, a handful of essential minerals to the body and countless antioxidants…yes, we’re talking about lemons! As one of the people’s favorite foods, lemons exuberate plenty of health qualities and make part of our daily nutrition.

However, aside from the fresh form in which we use lemons, frozen lemon bits can also enhance the health in marvelous ways.

Top 10 Benefits of Frozen Lemon Slices

There are many reasons to fall in love with the blissful effects of frozen lemon slices. Below, we list the 10 reasons why frozen lemons work in favor of your health.

  1. Lemon Peel

As per Health Unlocked, lemon peel is ten times more powerful than the meaty part of this fruit. Rich in vitamins and minerals, you can freeze lemon peel and then grate it as part of a dish or a smoothie.

  1. Vitamin C

Never underestimate the power of vitamin C found in frozen lemon. A large lemon offers 53mg vitamin C, which remains preserved even when the fruit is frozen. According to Real Food for Life.

  1. Body Health

Vitamin C found in lemons (frozen ones included), is exceptionally good for boosting collagen production. Aside from keeping the skin looking fresh, collagen also keeps the muscles, bones, and blood vessels in optimal shape. According to Healthy Eating.

  1. Versatility

Frozen lemons give out the same nutritional value as fresh lemons, with a twist. For instance, frozen lemon slices are not as sour or bitter as fresh lemons.

  1. No Ice

With frozen lemons, you don’t have to use extra ice which potentially takes away from the fruit’s benefits. To make sure you have the best frozen lemons, slice them in chunks and add them to your water for some instant freshness.

  1. Budget-friendly

Instead of wasting lemons and having them spoil, you can freeze slices of it and have this delicious fruit in and out of season. Lemons are very good when frozen, and can last up to 3-4 months.

  1. Cancer Prevention

Limonoids found in lemons are in charge of preventing cancer symptoms. A study in the field stated that limonoids also found in other citrus fruits, reduce the formation of cancer cells, especially in breast cancer patients. According to Life Advancer.

  1. Alkalization

Although citrusy in taste, lemons are the best natural body alkalizer. Able to maintain the ideal pH balance, lemons can also reduce symptoms of acid reflux, gum sensitivity, and mouth ulcers. As for our emotional health, lemons are great for eliminating stress, anxiety and mood swings. According to Care2.

  1. Low Calorie, Low Sugar

Lemons contain very little calories, offering 29 calories in 100 grams of lemon. As for sugar, 100-gram lemon provides around 9.4 grams. According to Healthy Eating.

  1. Drink Heaven

Whether used in cocktails, soft drinks, teas or even coffee, lemons are as versatile as fruits get. If you want to make a super-healthy drink, mix fresh lemon juice with strawberries, mint leaves, or an orange slice and toss them in a blending cup. Pure health delight! According to Healthy and Natural World.

The best way to freeze lemons is to do it when they are fully ripe, but not squishy. Arrange your slices on a baking tray and leave them overnight to harden. And, yes, don’t forget to include the peel as well!

Source: home.remedydaily.com



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