10 Things To Never Ignore In Your Dreams

Are you a dreamer? While many would take this in the spiritual meaning of the word, dreaming is a natural process for us all. Dreams, however, are also one of the most enigmatic occurrences humans experience. For centuries, experts have tried to figure dreams out, and determine what is actually causing this phenomenon.

Now, a research team at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Japan finally may be on the verge of a breakthrough. What the team found is a connection between obtainable brain scans and dreams. Precisely, this means that we tend to experience dreams in the same way we experience our real lives.

So what do the symbols in dreams mean? To put more thought into the matter, here are the 10 dream symbols you should pay attention to.

10 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

  1. Flying

Flying in a dream means an ambition you are trying to reach. Are you flying safely? Are there obstacles in the way? All little details in your flying dream will depict your journey towards success, bringing you a sense of freedom, too.

  1. Waterfalls

Water in dreams shows the emotional side of your being. When you dream waterfalls, it is associated with purity and cleansing the mind. Shortly, water means you are flushing the bad things out of your life and making room for better ones. Take note of the size of the waterfall and its location, as it may indicate your hardships in overcoming the issue.

  1. Teeth

Sort of creepy, dreaming of teeth is not as uncommon as you think. While teeth signify aging, actions like teeth pulling in your dream can mean a need to step out of your comfort zone. It can also mean you are dealing with something that no longer serves you a purpose. Fallen teeth is a common dream, too, and it indicates you are stressed about something happening in real life. Are your teeth hurting? Are you feeling relieved? It’s all in the bits and pieces.

  1. Death

Death is also a ‘popular’ dream among many, causing a sense of discomfort and fear. Still, death is the end of something, without having to be physical only. Dreaming of death sets you apart from your ego and puts closure to a situation. That said, you might be going through an emotional turmoil in real life, manifesting the situation when sleeping.

  1. Pregnancy

To dream of pregnancy means to be able to grow and develop even more. Usually a positive dream symbol, pregnancy is an indication of a potentially fruitful outcome in real life.

  1. House

As a dream symbol, houses focus on your personality. Your dream can be defined based on the room you are in, oftentimes indicating the need for comfort and safety. For instance, dreaming of the attic is associated with suppressed memories, whereas dreaming of your basement is related to your subconsciousness. When dreaming of a house, think about the way you take care of your body and mind in real life situations.

  1. Money

Dreaming of money can be pleasing to many. The interpretation of this symbol has to do with gratitude and luck. If you win the lottery, changes may be upon you. Dreaming of giving money represents the fear of loss. Overall, money has to do with our emotions and how we feel about prosperity and financial comfort.

  1. Unfaithfulness

Adultery is not easy to experience, even when dreaming. Still, this dream concept has to do with our sexual excitement and satisfaction. Oftentimes, we suppress many sexual fantasies and cravings, which leads to dreaming of being cheated on. Sometimes, adultery in a dream can indicate a fear of abandonment, low self-confidence, and troubling relationships.

  1. Fire

Fire in a dream can have several meanings, depending on the details of your dream. A distant fire is a craving for transformation and change. If you play with fire, it can be a sign of exposing yourself to certain risks in real life. Should you start a fire in your dream, you could be passively angry at something or someone.

  1. Being Naked

Another common dream, being naked is often related to our fear of being judged and exposed. Do you have any secrets to keep? Are there two truths and a lie situation in your life? In some dreams, nakedness can also be a sign of a real-life affair or putting your flaws out there.

Instead of fearing your dreams, try understanding why this particular dream manifested itself while sleeping? Evaluating your dreams can be a very effective way to keep yourself healthy and find a meaningful reason behind it all. And, trust me, dreams don’t come to just anyone.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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