12-Week At-Home Whole-Body Workout Plan For The Fully Committed

Getting into the perfect shape can be troublesome for many, especially if it has been years since being physically active. Burning fats and building muscle may seem like a stretch for people who want to lose weight, and that’s a fact. However, the human body is designed to be active and physically challenged, even though many ignore this as true.

Add poor nutrition to the laziness and some other environmental factors, too, and you are looking at imminent weight gain and possible other health problems. Losing weight is not a walk in the park, and requires constant self-discipline and dedication. However, once you get the hang of it, your body will instinctively follow your lead and find physical activity enjoyable.

Choosing a Weight Loss Workout Regime

With countless workout programs available today, it is difficult to tell which one is most efficient for weight loss. Working out is great, but it will not lead you to a healthy weight loss if other factors are not part of the picture. Nutrition, hydration and basic lifestyles can add more quality to the way you exercise, thus resulting in favorable fat burn and a healthy body.

In case you are not a gym-goer, no problem! At-home exercise programs can be just as effective as lifting weights or running the treadmill. To help you choose a great program, bound to show weight loss effects in no time, here is a workout challenge you will find suitable.

As a Monday to Friday program, this exercising routine will not push your body to the limits. However, what it will do is give you a fine muscle definition, stronger core and less fat storage in the body.

12-Week, At-Home Weight Loss Workout Program


  • 20 Squats
  • 15 Second Plank
  • 25 Crunches
  • 35 Jumping Jacks
  • 15 Lunges
  • 25 Second Wall Sit
  • 10 Sit Ups
  • 10 Butt Kicks
  • 5 Push Ups


  • 10 Squats
  • 30 Second Plank
  • 25 Crunches
  • 10 Jumping Jacks
  • 25 Lunges
  • 45 Second Wall Sit
  • 35 Sit Ups
  • 20 Butt Kicks
  • 10 Push Ups


  • 15 Squats
  • 40 Second Plank
  • 30 Crunches
  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 25 Lunges
  • 35 Second Wall Sit
  • 30 Sit Ups
  • 25 Butt Kicks
  • 10 Push Ups


  • 35 Squats
  • 30 Second Plank
  • 20 Crunches
  • 25 Jumping Jacks
  • 15 Lunges
  • 60 Second Wall Sit
  • 55 Sit Ups
  • 35 Butt Kicks
  • 20 Push Ups


  • 25 Squats
  • 60 Second Plank
  • 30 Crunches
  • 55 Jumping Jacks
  • 60 Lunges
  • 45 Second Wall Sit
  • 40 Sit Ups
  • 50 Butt Kicks
  • 30 Push Ups

Saturday and Sunday:

  • Rest Day

Get your sweat on, and let this be the season for pumped muscles and feel-good vibes!

Source: youtube/femalefitbody


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