4 Diet Mistakes You’re Making that Only Create More Belly Fat

There is no easy way of dealing with stubborn fats in the body. Belly fats, in particular, are a specific type of fats which require more effort to get rid of. Deposits of belly fats are a result of many different life factors, including insufficient physical activity, hormonal changes, hydration and more. However, with proper dieting and a few other lifestyle regiments, belly fats are very possible to eliminate. When it comes to dieting, there are many common mistakes people make in order to eliminate belly fats.

Below, let’s go deeper into how nutrition or the lack thereof plays its role in the fight against belly fat deposits.

4 Common Nutrition Mistakes Which Lead to More Belly Fat

Popular opinion: Small Meals Speed up the Metabolism

False, false, false. If there was one myth that nutritionists would like gone, it’s this one. Speeding up the metabolism by eating meals every 2-3 hours is a delusion. In fact, the number of daily meals has very little with the fats deposits in your body. What matters in burning belly fats is the quality of food you take. For instance, some foods boost metabolism more than others, thus helping you deal with stubborn belly fat easily.

A 2005 study notes that eating quality foods at a scheduled time every day will not cause a drastic fat loss in the body. Again, when it comes to food and fats, the important thing is what you eat, and not how often you eat it.

Popular opinion: Low-calorie diets burn fats

Not true. While many believe that the less you eat, the more fats you lose, they couldn’t be more wrong. Of course, by eating less you are likely to lose some weight, but you will begin to lose more muscle mass as well. Your calorie intake is important, as it allows the body to use important nutrients which burn belly fats. On top of it all, the right calories help the metabolism work faster, which is why a proper daily calorie intake is necessary to establish.

As research states, low-calorie diets (less than 1200 calories) will lead to RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) decrease. Even if you are dieting, make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and balance belly fats, too.

Popular opinion: Calories Differ

Yes, that is correct. The amount of calories is one thing, but the type of calories you intake puts more emphasis on your overall health. If you care to lose belly fats and not create them, make sure you choose your calories carefully. For the best fat burn, focus on 20-30 % of protein-based calories which encourage the metabolism and digestion. Protein is very easy to burn and keeps the body full, which means you’ll definitely experience weight loss but in a healthier manner.

For instance, having 1000 calories from poultry and 1000 calories from ice-cream have different effects on the body. When you consume the ice-cream calories the body will only burn 3 percent of the fats. At the same time, the body burns up to 20-30% of the poultry calories, easing the digestion thereafter. This occurrence is also known as the Thermal Effect of Food (TEF).

Popular opinion: Night Eaters Struggle with Weight Gain More

Nope, that is not the case. When it comes to weight loss, many people swear by eating their final meal early, or not after 6 pm. However, the body works the same during the day and night, absorbing the same amount of calorie regardless of the time.

As per research, late-night eating is not responsible for weight loss. In 2016, a study showed that there is no link between eating late and gaining weight. What the study also showed is that the main problem is overconsumption of calories, instead of the meal time.

The best way to guarantee a speedy fat loss is by regulating the content on your meals and keeping an eye of the carb intake. A study in the field noticed that individuals who ate desserts with their breakfast showed a greater weight loss than the group who steered clear of eating dessert altogether.

At the beginning of the study, both groups showed some weight loss, only to have the no-dessert group show less self-control and a whopping 22-pound weight gain. Finally, losing annoying belly fat is all about being moderate, eating quality meals and making necessary lifestyle adjustments.

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