6 Sciatica Stretches to Prevent and Relieve Hip and Lower Back Pain

More and more people nowadays are suffering some form of lower back pain. With the chance to worsen over time, lower back pain can be caused by a variety of factors. Improper posture, sitting for most of the day and a lack of physical activity can all contribute to severe pain and discomfort in the lower back.

In America, around 68-80% of the people are already fighting lower back pain. Lower back pain, if ignored, can develop in more serious conditions like sciatica and numbness. To prevent this, regular stretching of the body and especially the lower back can help you manage the pain and strengthen your physique altogether.

Stretching Exercises for Lower Back Pain and Their Benefits.

Lower back pain can be caused by the simplest of actions, like lifting a heavy box or standing up improperly. Stretches are a great way to release tension in the lower back and all over the body, for that matter. By stretching daily, the sciatic nerve and lower back painwill become history. Aside from dealing with lower back pain successfully, stretching the body can also enhance your overall core, muscle and bone strength. With that, you also become more flexible and resistant to injuries.

Together with stretches, experts recommend patients suffering from lower back pain to also increase their magnesium intake and hydrate at all times.

6 Effective Stretches to Eliminate Lower Back Pain.



  1. Camel Pose.

This type of stretch targets the Rectus Abdominus and obliques. Kneel and reach behind with your hands, placing them on the bottom of the feet. Push the hips forward but don’t burden the lower back. Hold the posture while maintaining an even breathing cycle. Repeat as needed.

  1. Wide Forward Fold.

The wide forward fold impacts the adductors in the body. Sit on the floor, bend the knees and keep the spine upright. Begin straightening your legs slowly and round the back, as you touch the feet you’re your hands. If you cannot stretch all the way forward, keep a moderate pace and work on your flexibility daily. Aside from helping with lower back pain, this exercise also helps preserve the ideal body posture.


  1. Frog Pose.

Get on all fours on the floor. Begin widening your knees and stop once the groin muscles are well stretched. Push against the floor with the hips, thus allowing the stretch to take a greater effect.

  1. Wide Side Lunge Pose.

Stand up and keep the legs straight. Begin lowering one of the legs into a wide side lounge, keeping the other leg well stretched. Engage your abs to strengthen the core and point the toes towards the ceiling. Keep the fixed food flat on the floor. Breathe evenly and switch sides. Repeat as needed or until you feel relief.

  1. Butterfly Stretch.

Begin seated on the floor, and connect the soles of the feet, so they are touching lightly. Keep the back straight and firm. Press down on the knees with your hands, to enhance the stretch. For an even more drastic stretch, widen the knees and hips even further.

  1. Forearm Extensor Stretch.

Stand up and roll the shoulders back. Stick your chest in the front and make sure your spine is upright and steady. Extend the left hand in front of you and use the right-hand fingers to press over the left palm, bending it inwards. Keep the pressure mild and don’t force the hand to go beyond its flexibility.

Additional Tips on Lower Back Stretches.

Even stretched require stretching, so to avoid any injuries, make sure your fingers, toes,and limbs are well warmed up. Also, never rush or force a stretch, as you can cause unfavorable side-effects. In time, your posture and core strength will allow you to intensify the exercises, which will engage the lower back even further. Remain in each pose for at least 30 seconds to harvest the maximum effects of the stretch.

If you want to try other lower back stretching exercises, you can always do the Pigeon Pose (and its variations), the Cat-Cow pose, or a reclined leg twist. Finally, keeping the spine, core and lower body in good shape can result in a higher quality of movement, agility and body empowerment.

Source: theheartysoul.com


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