7 Ways to Stop Yourself from Overthinking

If you look for a definition, here it is. Overthinking is something you think about all the time, going deeper in your thoughts and considering every consequence, event and possibility.

Analysis paralysis

Overthinking means you let things go too deep in your mind. This causes poor judgement, elevated stress and inaction.

It’s really important that you think through things, but it’s also important that you take action.

Do you know what “analysis paralysis” stands for? It describes the dangers of overthinking. It just gives you stress, and the body releases epinephrine and cortisol, also known as stress hormones. So, your body is flooded with stress hormones, and you can’t think clearly. What happens next? You freeze up, standing there and doing nothing.

Can we say that overthinking destroys your life? Yes, we can. It stops you from making progress and moving forward. You can’t achieve good results and end up buried in frustration. Overthinking may also cause anxiety and depression.

7 ways to stop overthinking

  1. Be self-aware

The most important thing is to become aware of your situation. To know that you are actually overthinking everything. This avalanche of thoughts is giving you physical and mental problems. You can’t concentrate and hate everything. Whenever you notice an army of anxiety-inducing thoughts coming your way, get away.

  1. Distract yourself

Try distracting yourself. You may not be able to do some positive thinking, but you can sure take a break, read a book or play a game. Whatever works for you.

  1. Don’t suppress your thoughts

Thought suppression has a terrible effect on your health. Your brain is designed to think, so don’t try to shut it down. Stop stressing and tensing up, and become an observer.

  1. Become an observer

Dwelling on bad thoughts and things is a top cause of anxiety and depression. Observe your thoughts to notice all the things that pull your attention away and then put it back to your work, body and breath. This is the opposite of what you do when you suppress your thoughts.

  1. Set reminders

Overthinking consumes your energy and happiness, and stopping it won’t be easy. Your mind will keep working in his regular way if you don’t give it some directions. Set some reminders to change your mental habits. It works like magic!

Have reminders on your computer’s calendar or have a few Post-Its around your office or living room. “Here and now!” “Where’s your head” “Be observer” and many others are some of the ideas you should use.

  1. Forget about perfection

Perfectionists are usually anxious and can’t brag about their happy life. They are unable to let things go, compare themselves to others and expect too much. None of these brings happiness.

  1. Mindfulness meditation

Change your habits. It won’t be easy, but you have to set a challenge. Mindfulness meditation is one of the greatest “remedies” for your condition. It demands that you focus on your present usually through focusing on your breath.

Download some apps or go online to find some free resources on mindfulness meditation. Start off with a 5-10 minute session and increase that time gradually.

Final words

Patience is of utmost importance for your condition. Focus on your present, and turn your focus to all the things that happen around you at the moment. Stop worrying too much about your future or past. Your life is a journey without, and you should never think about the final destination.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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