8 Signs You Have A Gluten Intolerance

In the medical world, one of the greatest debates of the century has been whether gluten is healthy or not.  Presently, there have been a number of cases which showed severe and emphasized gluten allergy in people of all ages. Gluten represents a protein, often found in wheat and rye.

The problem mainly occurs in knowing that wheat, therefore gluten is found in most products we eat daily. For instance, gluten is found in bread, cereal, pasta,and crackers. On occasions, gluten can be included in salad dressings, sauces,and stews, too.

Recently, gluten intolerance has been linked to Celiac disease. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder, which negatively affects the small intestine. Because of this, gluten intolerant people irritate the intestine more, making it unable to absorb nutrients.

Gluten allergies can be detected through a handful of symptoms. To learn if you may be allergic to gluten, read the 8 symptoms associated with it.

8 Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance

  1. Brain Fogginess

    Gluten intolerance is directly linked to brain fogginess and loss of focus. Although not necessarily pointing to a gluten allergy, brain cloudiness is a very typical symptom of Celiac Disease.

    An article on the topic, published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery,and Psychiatry, it was found that people suffer gluten allergies due to antibodies known as immunoglobulin. As per the researchers, these antibodies can distort the proper brain function.

  2. Sudden Weight Gain

    Gluten-intolerant people often struggle with weight. Gluten allergy causes weight gain as a result of either poor absorption or chronic inflammation. If intolerant people avoid gluten altogether, they will resume their normal weight in time.

  3. Immunity Problems

    If you are intolerant to gluten, your immunity will likely perform at a lower degree. This is because it is being attacked by IgA antibodies, caused by allergy itself. IgA antibodies are mostly found in the digestive system and saliva. When they attack the immune system, you are unable to heal as fast, and can easily catch a cold or the flu.

  4. Teeth problems

    According to a study, released in BMS Gastroenterology, there is a tight association between gluten allergy and ‘aphthous stomatitis’. The latter is a condition which is known to cause mouth ulcers and canker sores. In addition to that, the poor absorption of nutrients affects the level of calcium in the body, which then causes dental problems.

  5. Chronic Headaches

    Many studies have stated that migraines can be a direct symptom of being gluten intolerant. One of those studies showed that 56 percent of gluten intolerant individuals had migraines of some sort.

  6. Skin Conditions

    Usually, gluten intolerant people experience plenty of skin issues. Some of the conditions a gluten allergy can cause include psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Other symptoms which together with skin conditions include rashes, itching, blistering and skin redness.

  7. Pain in the Joints and Muscles

    Gluten sensitivity can be directly linked to joint and muscle pain. Even more, through numerous studies, the Arthritis Foundation found that gluten allergies can cause severe discomfort and aches in the joints and muscles.

  8. Tiredness and Fatigue

    Just like brain fogginess, this symptoms is associated to gluten intolerance without hardcore proof. Still, the minimal research done in the field explains that exhaustion and fatigue can be caused by a gluten allergy. Mostly, this is due to an inflammation of the nerves, which drains the body’s energy.

    Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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