9 Signs You’re Overstressed (And Don’t Know It)

Stress may be the reason you deal with your current health problem. It affects immunity, making you sick all the time. Stress is your body’s way to balance things. However, chronic stress may lead to serious issues. Experts at WebMD explain that stress is a change in the environment that triggers your body’s reactions. Your body reacts through physical, mental and emotional responses. Stress is a normal thing, and there are so many things that put stress on your body. It’s sometimes healthy, but may turn into an avalanche of health issues.

People are usually unaware of their stress, but there are a few signs you should pay attention to:

  1. Pain

You won’t notice the problem until your body is in pain. Chronic stress affects your body, causing stomach issues, diarrhea, ulcers, tense muscles, chest pain and palpitations. This pain turns into arthritis or headaches. Whenever you deal with pain, focus on it, and find the underlying cause. You should never ever ignore your pain. You need to change something to deal with your stress easily.

  1. Insomnia and oversleeping

Any chance in your sleep patterns needs attention. Try meditation, workouts and healthy diet plans. Determine the root of your problem. Is your mind burdened? Do you have nightmares? Stress affects your state of mind, and your sleep is the first to suffer in stressful situations.

  1. Weight issues

There are two types of people. Some overeat while others forget their meal. Stress affects metabolism, making you fat. Any change in appetite is a sign of danger. Address the issue, otherwise you will lose or gain weight in a strange way. Stress blocks the flow of oxygen, and the food you eat can tell a lot about your health. Are you craving sweets? Is your appetite low? Treat your body well, and help it go through your emotional issues.

  1. Non-stop thinking of problems or work

Stress accompanies pretty much every financial problem you have. But, Mark Twain once said that stressing is like paying a debt you don’t even owe. You won’t see the solution until you step away from the problem. Worrying will only give you psychological and physical issues. Don’t check your phone or emails all the time. Stress is killing you.

  1. Non-stop motion

Do you really need to do something all the time? If you don’t have enough time to go for a nice walk, stretch or be alone with your thoughts, you are definitely overstressed. In other words, you are unable to relax. It’s time to focus on your problem. Your mind can turn against you, so you better help it before it’s too late. Address your problem. Don’t ignore it.

  1. Impatience

Being overstressed means you have no patience or tolerance for anything in this world. You always confront your loved ones over minor details, and you are angry all the time. It feels like the world is on your shoulders, but don’t be afraid to ask for help or an advice. Slow down and enjoy your life.

  1. Mood swings

Chronic stress affects mental health. If you are happy for 5 minutes and then burst in anger almost instantly, you are dealing with a huge problem. Stress causes hormonal imbalances, turning your life into a nightmare. Talk to someone and find the root cause of your problem. Stress will kill your relationships with others. It triggers anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, addictions, and other mental issues.

  1. Hair loss

Carolyn Jacob, MD, founder and medical director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, explains that we lose 100 hairs a day without even noticing it. However, stress affects your body functions. It makes a disproportionate number of hairs to enter a resting phase at the same time. You will lose all that hair at once, and the result is terrifyingly horrible. Stress affects your normal hair cycle. If you lose too many hairs, focus on your physical and mental well-being.

  1. Loss of libido

Loss of libido is the last thing stressed individuals talk about. That’s where they make a mistake. Stress hormones responsible for sexual response are affected, causing exhaustion and inability to be intimate. Manage your stress and relax. Don’t let outer problems affect your romance. It’s not your partner’s fault, so don’t punish them. Talk about the things that bother you. Stress will go away only if you talk about it.

Life is one of the greatest challenges ever. Our body is affected by pretty much everything in our environment. Focus on the important things, and avoid anything that gives you headaches. Don’t let stress put you in a hospital bed. Listen to your body, and learn the language it speaks. Life is too short to drown yourself in stress.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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