A 21-Day Walking Plan for Fat Loss

Exercising is not always about the intensity and severity of it. However, many people praise hardcore workouts as an effective way to lose weight and get into shape. Contradicting that is the fact that in training, dedication, consistency, and focus are more important than intensity.

Be Consistent and the Results Will Follow

Exercise requires a lot of patients, belief that you can do it, and commitment. However, with a bit of self-discipline and lots of consistency, the results won’t be omitted. In fact, many workout professionals note that consistency and showing up day after day, giving it your all, is a key characteristic to have when working out.

Whether you exercise to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or just keeping your physical activity in check, lifestyle practices also make part of the picture. Factors like hydration, nutrition and getting enough sleep are essential if you are looking to benefit from any exercise you do.

If you are not keen on working out, consistency is what you will have to work on in order to see results. Self-convincing and determination can help you stay on the right track of things and ease into physical activity, without hating it at the end of the day.

Again, the intensity is not as important in exercising, which is why you can largely benefit from walking. Walking has been one of the most popular ways to naturally get the body in shape, without losing your breath or overworking the body. To learn how to make walking part of your workout session, read on.

Top Benefits of Walking.

Some of the top benefits of walking as an exercise include:

  • Stronger muscles, joints, and bones.
  • Boosting your mood.
  • Balancing the body weight.
  • Keeping the body safe from heart failure, hypertension, and Type 2 diabetes.
  • Enhancing balance and coordination skills.

21 Days to Make It a Habit.

In the words of Dr. Maxwell Maltz, ‘…many other commonly observed phenomena tend to show that it requires a minimum of about 21 days for an old mental image to dissolve and a new one to jell.’

Use these 21 days to grow in self-confidence and resilience. ‘In other words, it doesn’t matter if you mess up every now and then. Building better habits is not an all-or-nothing process,’ Dr. Maltz suggests.

Weight Loss: A 21-Day Walking Plan.

Here, you can choose one of three modes – easy, moderate and fast walking. Depending on your readiness, choose the tempo you’re comfortable with and look at the 21-day walking workout plan below.

WEEK 1 – Easy.

Ideally, work for the same amount of time in the morning and evening.

Day 1 – Begin with walking for 10 minutes, and keep the tempo steady.

Day 2 – Go for a 12-minute walk, keeping the pace steady.

Day 3 – Walk for 15 minutes, and keep an easy pace.

Day 4 – Increase your walk up to 18 minutes.

Day 5 – Walk for 20 minutes, at an easy pace.

Day 6 – Walk for 22 minutes at a steady pace.

Day 7 – Do a 25-minute walk at a steady pace.

WEEK 2 – Moderate.

Day 8 – Walk for 14 minutes. Make 2 minutes easy, 10 minutes fast-paced and 2 minutes at a steady pace.

Day 9 – Walk for 16 minutes at a moderate pace, where you can still keep a conversation going.

Day 10 – Walk for 18 minutes. First 3 minutes are easy-walking, followed by 12 minutes of fast walking and 3 minutes at a steady pace.

Day 11 – Walk for 20 minutes at a moderate pace.

Day 12 – Walk for 22 minutes. Do easy walking for 4 minutes, fat walking for 14 minutes fast, and back to easy walking for 4 minutes.

Day 13 – Walk for 24 minutes with a moderate pace.

Day 14 – Walk for 26 minutes, out of which 5 minutes in an easy tempo, 16 minutes fast and back to 5 minutes of easy walking.

WEEK 3 – Moderate to Fast.

Day 15 – Climb up and down the stairs and increase the elevation for 15 minutes.

Day 16 – Take a 25-minute walk at a moderate pace.

Day 17 – Climb up and down the stairs and increase elevation for 17 minutes. Do 2 more minutes of fast walking.

Day 18 – Walk for 27 minutes at a moderate pace.

Day 19 – Climb up and down the stairs and increase elevation for 17 minutes. Do 3 more minutes of fast walking.

Day 20 – Walk for 30 minutes at a moderate pace.

Day 21 – Walk fast for 25 minutes with an additional 8 minutes of easy walking.

Yes, you did it!

Source: www.globalremedyhouse.com


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