If you are a full moon lover, you have a date on February 19. This time you will get the chance to observe the greatest supermoon in 2019. What are the pros? Your Valentine’s Day date is safe.

Native Americans call it the Snow moon. It is 100% full on February 19, but make sure you check up local time zones if you want to catch it on time.

The Snow Moon or Hunger Moon got its name because it brings the heaviest snowfall in North America. According to the Cherokee, it should be called the Bone Moon because people eat bone marrow soup to stay full for longer.

Why is this full moon so special? The moon will be the closest of the perigrees. If by any chance you do not know what it is, here is some info for you. A perigree is the spot in the moon’s orbit where it “hits” Earth. Supermoons are 15% larger and 30% brighter than regular full moons. That’s what makes them so special!

You will not need a telescope for this one as the moon will be as bright as it can be. Use your creativity and imagination and make some cool pics. Of course, if there are no clouds. This will be your ultimate “full moon pleasure” this year, so make sure you get the best of it. Every other full moon will be just a regular full moon. Nothing fancy.

Full moon lovers will get the chance to enjoy the Snow Moon during the day and night, depending on their location. This full moon will be nothing like the Blood Wolf supermoon we saw in January, but it is special in its own way. In March, we will have the last super full moon of 2019.

If you need some extra info, just keep reading

Full supermoons are not as common as other moons. Planet Earth only has one, and there are some nice details related to it. EarthSky has more info on this one, and it is based on Richard Noelle’s 1979 definition.

“A full moon or new moon has to come within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth to be dubbed a supermoon. In other words, any full moon or new moon that comes to within 224,775 miles or 361,740 km (or less) of our planet, as measured from the centers of the moon and Earth, is a supermoon.”

This approach was not supported by every scientist, but it sure got full moon lovers excited. Will you spend the night staring at the moon? You better be, and try to make something special about it.

Source: tiphero.com

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