A Trip on the Most Beautiful Train Ride in America Starts at Just $97

Traveling brings excitement to your senses, and that’s the best gift you will ever get. The world is yours, and all you have to do is pick the right destination. But, what about the ways of traveling? You can jump in your car, take a bus or fly. Yes, these are the most common means of transportation. Have you ever considered traveling by train? It is magnificent!

Walking on foot is cheap, but it cannot take you everywhere. Flying is only recommended if you like to travel to a faraway country, but it is too pricey. Driving in your car can take you places, but it gets boring and you can fall asleep behind the wheel. So, yes, traveling by train is somewhat convenient in every aspect.

That’s probably the only way to lay back and enjoy all the green landscapes being bugged by other drivers or other unpleasantries. Amtrak’s Coast Starlight was created for people like you, and taking a ride there will take you to wonderland.

The benefits of traveling by train

For most people traveling is just an extinct mean of transport. The good news is that you can go up and down the West Coast and enjoy the breathtaking views our country offers. It is the closest you will ever get to your most luxurious dreams, and this route is worth every penny. Indulge in this 35-hour-long train trip that goes from Los Angeles to Seattle and Washington. Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience? This route is the real deal for you.

Train rides are usually uncomfortable, but this one offers a completely different story. There is zero chance that you end up drowned in disappointment.

You will get a lifetime experience while observing nice beaches, mountains, parks, cities and amazing coastlines! The Amtrak is actually giving you an opportunity to take the best photos of the Pacific Ocean, Klamath Falls, San Luis Obispo, and Mt. Shasta. This is the best gift for all the nature lovers out there.

The train travel Amtrak dream

Enjoying magnificent views is accompanied with podcasts by the National Park Service. This option is great for those trying to learn more about the surroundings and the culture of all the places yo go through. In this way you are getting more than a fancy view.

The Coast Starlight train was first presented to the world in 1970’s, but it was renovated in 2008. Amtrak upgraded the equipment and improved the offers. You can choose between a riding coach, business or first class. There is enough room for everyone, and that’s good news for everyone who hates the idea of being stuck in a crowded train. When traveling in first class, you get plush seating, private room and a movie theater. Fancy, right?

Final words

Traveling by train gives you a better look at your surrounding. Buy yourself a ticket if you do not want to miss those gorgeous landscapes. This is a rather popular route, so make sure you book your seat on time. Memories matter, and missing the good ones is such a shame.

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com


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