Against All Odds, Couple With Down Syndrome Celebrates 24-Years Wedding Anniversary

If you were ready to give up the idea of happily ever after, here is a story to restore your faith in the concept. While romance may seem outdated for some, for a lovely couple in the UK, it is something worth fighting for. But, this is not your ordinary couple. Meet Maryanne and Tommy Pilling, a couple diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome and determined to shift the limits of love and togetherness for good.

Despite the skepticism and doubt from others, the couple decided to give love a shot and marry…almost two decades ago! Proving love exists in all its glory, the Essex couple has been married for 24 years, standing the test of time and criticism.

The couple first met back in 1991 and dated for 18 months before tying the knot. For their anniversary, the couple paid homage to the film Dirty Dancing and reenacted the worldwide famous dance as part of their celebration. To Maryanne’s sister, Lindi Newman, this day was everything it should be – testament of time, love, appreciation and faith. Since getting married, the couple moved into their new home, with Lindi and her family living right next door to land a helping hand.

To Maryanne, the proposal was anything but expected. Today, Maryanne considers Tommy her best friend and safe haven. The two still consider getting married to be the best decision of their lives. And not just them, but Maryanne’s family, and especially her mother, were thrilled to see the lovebirds make their relationship official. And it is a story worth hearing!

Back to the time of the proposal, Tommy didn’t spare enough money to buy a ring, so he proposed with a plastic one, scored at a vending machine. As Maryanne’s mother Linda snooped in on Tommy’s plans, she decided to drop his plastic ring and buy a fancier one. When Maryanne saw the ring, the joy was overbearing. Inspired by their story, many people reached out on social media and praised the couple of believing in the almost impossible.

Today, their Facebook account gains 7,300 followers and receives daily messages of encouragement and gratitude. The popular couple has taught many that love is not that difficult to maintain if you are willing to work on it. Even now, you can see Maryanne and Tommy walking down the street, holding hands, smiling at each other. The couple also enjoys plenty of support and help from their families, who are happy to assist them if needed.

Lindi, Maryanne’s sister, says that this type of relationship can shed light on the misconception regarding people diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. Moreover, she is also happy to spread the word and give other couples the push they need. As for advice of loving life as it is, the couple says it is all about honesty, making time for each other, and trust the process.

Hopefully, we get to see more stories like Maryanne and Tommy’s and learn that as long as you believe, magic is waiting to happen just around the corner!

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