How do you like your guacamole? In a big bowl? if yes, you should definitely keep reading this article. Giant guacamole bowl requires a giant avocado, right? Well, giant avocados sure exist, and you can find them in Hawaii. One of the farmers there is master of growing six-pound avocados.

A farmer in Hōlualoa on Hawaii’s Big Island grows avocados that are as heavy as newborns, and this is not a joke. This man offers entire crops of giant avocados, and each weights around six pounds, as reported by Big Island Video News.

Kenji Fukumitsu harvests his avocados from one tree. His family cannot eat all of the fruits which is great news for everybody interested in munching on a giant avocado. Fukumitsu delivers his avocados to the local Kona Urgent Care center.

“We had so much, all falling down,” noted Fukumitsu in his interview with BIVN. “And the pigs eating it, so I share them with some of our friends.”

Comparing Fukumitsu’s avocados to regular avocados is ridiculous. Your typical avocado is about six ounces, and Fukumitsu grows fruits that are 16 times bigger than that. The size does not affect the taste at all.

“If you eat it during November month, they’re very watery. But after that, it’s good,” the farmer said.

Record-breaking avocados

The world’s largest avocado weighs five pounds, eight ounces. Fukumitsu will show you his king-size avocado that stands at six pounds two ounces.

“This baby is 6 pounds!” the Urgent Care center’s Dr. Joy McElroy said of the giant avocados. “We contacted Guinness, got online. The problem is they have to have someone to authentic [the record], which takes 12 weeks. Well, this baby isn’t going to last 12 weeks, so that’s why we called the news. This is newsworthy!”

But, Fukumitsu does not brag around. “We didn’t think nothing of it,” he said. “We just pick and eat it. And we sold some.”

If you are interested in giving it a try, go to Hawaii, and look for Mr. Fukumitsu.


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