Being Single Will NOT Kill You Faster Than Obesity, a Study Reassures

Despite ongoing and much false opinion that obesity is just as threatening as being single, arising studies prove otherwise.

Leading a single life is not threatening to our health, but feeling lonely could be. However, obesity in itself, as well as loneliness, are both health-impairing conditions but have very little in common.

The original study examining the loneliness and extreme weight gain notes that these two aspects are not co-dependent as we might think.

Sure, loneliness represents a serious health disorder which creates a form of isolation from society. That is exactly why in many prisons, solitary time is considered a rigorous punishment for the most problematic inmates. However, it can’t be definitely confirmed that the single life will have a more lethal effect on our lives than obesity.

What Does the Study Actually Say?

The study in question explains how social relationships in our lives can affect our longevity and increase the risk of death. However, so do many other factors, such as excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, and physical inactivity.

On the flip side, the study also notes that social integration is not a one-way concept, but is much more complex than that. In addition, the study notes that the overall quality of social relationships is more important for our wellbeing than just our relationship status.

With that, it is more than obvious that a lack of human contact can seriously detach one from a normal socializing cycle. Because of that, having healthy relationships with our friends, colleagues, and acquaintances is more than important to maintain.

Still, singleness as a concept does not relate to loneliness at all. In fact, there are many single people who are happy with their lifestyle and are not facing any health-threatening effects. Loneliness also doesn’t relate to being single, at least not in its entirety. Many people in relationships can also feel lonely at times, so basically, singles are put on a stand by a largely false opinion.

Where Did the Confusion Start?

Unfortunately, the power of the internet and online media will have you believe that being single is the same as being lonely. However, that is not the case at all, and loneliness could stem from a various other factors. When it comes to personal relationships, the aforementioned study noted that people who have stronger personal relationships battle loneliness more easily. Still, this does not mean having to be in a relationship to achieve inner peace and sanity.

The study also notes that ‘The influence of social relationships on risk for mortality is comparable with well-established risk factors for mortality.’

But, when it comes to being single or in a relationship, there is more to be said about the quality of your lifestyle than the mere commitment and company factor.

Nevertheless, loneliness in all shapes and forms is harmful to one’s wellbeing, and reaching out in such case is the healthiest decision to make.

Publisher’s Note: This article was edited in accordance to the findings of the original and existing study. Follow up with any information on the study on this link.



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