Brewery Unveils 6-Pack Rings That Feed Sea Turtles Instead of Killing Them

Six-pack rings are now posing a greater health and existential threat to both animals and nature. Especially found at sea, six-pack rings affect the wellbeing of turtles, fish, birds and other forms of sea life. As predicted, plastic has become one of the biggest human-provoked problems, delivering harsh and irreversible consequences.

In order to try solve the problem, a Florida brewery is not stepping up to the plate by manufacturing bio gradable six-pack rings. Even more, these organic six-pack rings are made of barley and wheat, making them safe for consumption by wildlife. The packs are made of durable material, which makes them super resistant to water and storage-friendly.

The rings were initially brought to light by Saltwater Brewery, located in Delray Beach. The company began as a startup called E6PR, or short for Eco Six Pack Rings. With this mission, the brewery is hoping to encourage others to do the same and rid the sea of plastic.

The man behind the project is Peter Agardy, who states the idea represents a significant investment for those who love the sea and is hopeful others will soon follow into their footsteps.

According to CBS News, the project was a collaboration between several parties, including the NYC ad agency We Believers, the Mexican supplier of biodegradable material Entelequia, and remaining investors in the area.

Aside from the mini-brewery, other companies are making efforts in the same industry as well. Boyan Slat, a Dutch businessman created a concept known as the collection of plastic marine waste. This project launched the “The Ocean Cleanup,” which will take place worldwide by 2020.

Another similar project is The SeaBin Project, introduced by Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, both surfers from Australia. Although on a smaller scale, their inventive bucket-inspired device is already part of various marinas and docks and serves to clean the waters of plastic waste.


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