What constitutes proper and practical education?

Today, our schools and educational centers are focused on teaching subjects that do not really clash with the skills our children need. And while math, history, and languages are important to learn, so are a number of other practices children need in everyday life. Economics, for one, is very important to learn, given that money controls most aspects in our everyday lives.

In this millennial and boomers world, children seem ever obsessed with technology and less obsessed with knowledge. Even in college, choosing your major and your future career is not always and strictly in regards to your career.

What we really lack in our education is teaching children the simple, yet practical ways of life, like paying a bill, or writing a complaint. Another great aspect our children are not enough educated in is taxes. Taxes revolve our everyday lives, and still, we have students stuck in load debt and struggling to cover their tax costs daily.

So, what are we missing here?

Probably a new movement. A movement that will make children, teenagers, and students more aware of finances and their management thereafter. This type of action is bound to introduce economics as an integrated part of our daily lives.

Aside from economics, there are loads of other practices children still need to learn to fit in society better. Cooking, time and budget management and stress relief seem gullible to teach, but these are actually the skills our modern-day society requires we know. Parents, just as teachers do, should also focus on introducing these practices at home, letting children become aware of how life works.

In the future, these practices will result in a greater self-confidence in children, and will also help them not settle until they are satisfied with what they have.

How Important is Economics to Teach?

Protecting our children from the ‘fear’ of money has led us to raise generations which know very little about how to handle funds. From paying taxes to paying the bills, applying for college on their own and more, children are rarely introduced with these significant practices. Economics makes a great part of our social status, which makes the need for learning it that more emphasized.

Writing a job application, sitting through an interview and actually doing well, are just some of the other skills our children need to practice more. Managing time as well as money will result in not just more educated youth, but also a more mindful and aware group of people who know how to tackle life.

Let’s all make an effort and demand our children are taught the important tips and tricks in life. Because, if technology takes over, it is likely that we are looking at a dangerous economic and social collapse that could have been prevented.

Sound: inspiretochange.org

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