Can We All Please Stop Sending Our Sick Kids to School?

There are so many parents who still send their sick kids to school, and let’s be honest, that’s a huge mistake. Sending your kids sick to school will make other kids sick, and this time their parents decided to share a thought.

One of them decided to write a letter in order to raise the general awareness and help parents understand that their sick kids need to stay at home. It may be hard to understand for many of you, but healthy kids actually bring germs home with them. Germs are everywhere – at school, in the park, the grocery store… It’s part of the nature. Parents are often advised to find a babysitter who will watch after the sick kid. Some parents can take time off and tend to their child’s cough and runny nose. Cleaning the house is also a must, otherwise other family members will get sick, too. This lasts for a few days, disrupts normal everyday life, but you survive it.

Take care of your sick kid at home

It’s sad how some parents still send their kids to school despite their fever, cold and upset stomach. Your kid does not have to vomit for you to realize it is really sick. Sending sick kids to school is not fair to the teacher and the rest of the kids. The sneezing and coughing can sometimes develop in cold or maybe it is even flu. Every symptom has something to say: keep your sick kids at home. That’s the only way to protect others.

Some kids have sensitive immune system or a specific health condition. If one of these kids hangs around your sick kid, the results can be devastating. You don’t want other children to develop pneumonia just because they hugged your kid, right? A simple cold and flu can be dangerous for kids with sensitive immune system. Parents need to understand this and take care of other children, too.

It’s not like you should keep your sneezing kid at home at any cost. A couple of sneezes doesn’t mean a thing. But, you can sure tell if your kid is really sick. That’s when you should make a decision and keep them at home. You may want your kid to attend all the classes, but you aren’t doing them favor if you send them sick to school. Just keep in mind that your kid needs to stay at him in the season of cold and flu if you notice any symptoms.

Colds and flu drain all the energy your kids have. Can you imagine your kid sitting at school, sneezing and coughing all the time? This will only make things worse. Their little bodies need time to recover and heal themselves. If your kids feel under the weather, keep it at home and let them rest and relax. Everyone would appreciate this, including other parents, kids, teachers and the world in general. It’s a sincere call for help. Let’s prevent the germs from getting to other children. Everyone’s health matters.



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