Champion Gymnast With Down Syndrome Becomes A Model, Paving The Way For Others Like Her

Beauty is omnipresent in our everyday lives. However, today’s standards of beauty can easily become twisted or distorted, giving us a definition that is simply not realistic. The same can be also said of success. And while society dares to determine what makes someone beautiful or successful, a young and bold athlete bends the rules like a pro.

Meet Chelsea Werner, a professional gymnast with Down syndrome. Werner, a California native, did not let her chromosomal defect diagnosis hold her back from becoming the woman of her dreams.

Chelsea successfully broke the barriers of sportsmanship by taking part in the Special Olympics United States National Championship and winning it four times! Not just that, but Werner’s success led her to a fabulous modeling career as well. As a story which immediately deserved the public’s attention, Werner’s journey began when she was just 4 years old.

Despite her disability, Chelsea expressed a great interest in gymnastics, and the rest is history. With a little help from her family and friends, and with plenty of self-confidence, Werner took the world of sports and modeling by a storm.  And even though people constantly told her the beauty business is not intended for individuals such as herself, she didn’t let that overshadow her desire to prove everyone wrong.

Werner was first discovered by a company called We Speak, which gives ‘different’ people the chance to share their story publicly, thus encouraging acceptance among others. Aware that people suffering from Down Syndrome are not considered an equal part of society, Chelsea decided to change that for good.

Brauna Mariah, founder of We Speak, was first impressed by Warner after seeing her in a motivational video. It is safe to say, Chelsea’s wish to be different and still considered beautiful and successful is what made the campaign so brilliant.

Today, Chelsea is looking forward to doing her own photo shoot, and engaging people like her into doing the same – showing the world that if you put your mind to it, you can become everything you ever imagined. We Speak’s idea did not go unnoticed by the public. What is more, many reached out to the company, thanking them on finding it important to feature people just like Chelsea and promote a more unconventional type of beauty and career excellence.

In the upcoming photo shoot, Chelsea Werner will be accompanied by Maran Avila and Madeline Stuart, models who are also diagnosed with Down Syndrome. In addition, Madeline Stuart also has a clothing line waiting to happen. This line will also break any prejudices on the ability of people with Down Syndrome to handle business just like the rest of us.

So, basically, these incredible and inspiring ladies are crushing the forced criteria of beauty and brains. In fact, their mission is to raise awareness on how beauty is perceived. At the same time, these inspiring ladies are focused on expanding the socially acceptable standards on what constitutes professional success, kindness, and beauty.

We need more stories like these, so just keep them coming ladies!



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