Cold Water vs. Warm Water: One of Them is Damaging to Your Health

Dehydration is manifested through headaches, joint pain, and indigestion. Do you drink enough water? Water keeps your body doing its thing, and you should drink enough water to give it a hand.

Human body is around 60% water. That’s why you have to drink water. Cold water is refreshing, but warm water is the real deal. The benefits are endless.

The effect of cold water

Cold water may be a nice idea for hot summer days. Here is what happens when you drink cold water (45/70 degrees Fahrenheit):

– Blood vessels are small and your digestive tract does not work as good as it usually does

– The body works had to regulate its temperature and produce energy

– Stimulates the production of mucus and makes you prone to diseases

– Solidifies fats and your body is unable to digest unwanted fats

Top 7 reasons to drink warm water

Asians drink warm water all the time. It is part of the routine implemented by traditional Chinese and Hindu medicine. Warm water provides great benefits, and optimizes the function of your body.

  1. MetabolismWarm water stimulates metabolism and increases metabolic rates. Drink some warm water in the morning and add some lemon juice for added benefits. This is the best way to start your day.
  2. Enhance digestionWarm water helps the body break down food and oils, thus enhancing digestion. Always drink warm water after your meals.

    Experts at the British Homeopathic Association suggest that a cup of hot water in the morning helps you cleanse your stomach and enhance digestion.

  3. BloodAccording to Ayurvedic medicine, you should keep your water in a copper vessel. Copper cleanses blood and destroys dangerous bacteria. Drink some warm water in the morning to stimulate your body’s natural cleansing process.

    Copper is a powerful mineral, but some experts believe that drinking water from a copper water bottle can’t do wonders to the human body.

  4. Obesity and high cholesterolWarm lemon water is great for those dealing with diabetes. It breaks down buildups in arteries and stimulates blood circulation. Some say it promotes weight management and normalizes blood sugar levels.

    You can also try hot tea between your meals. Experts at the Institute for Traditional Medicine say that this helps after your body has digested food.

  5. ConstipationBloating is a common symptom in those dealing with constipation and it is caused by dehydration. Drink warm water throughout the day to provide regular bowel movement. Drink your first glass of warm water in the morning.
  6. MucusA recent study has found that hot water decreases the accumulation of mucus in the nose, throat and gastrointestinal tract. Researchers observed the effect of hot water, cold water and chicken soup.

    Hot water protects you from viruses and prevents the accumulation of mucus. In this way you stop the multiplication of bacteria.

  7. Friendly behaviorA study released in Science found that hot drinks boost mood. Researchers have found that human brain has the ability to process “warmth” and that’s how you judge others. Participants who held a hot coffee while looking at a particular person perceived them as warmer than those who had a cup of iced coffee in their hands.

    This may be a nice reason for scientists to conduct more research, but it is definitely good to know that warm water helps you see people’s “warmth.”



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