Dad Travels to Canada for Son’s Medicine That Would Cost $53K in U.S.

A very brave and loving dad did the imaginable for his son. He decided to travel to Canada in order to buy the medicine his son needs. In America, the drug simply cost too much, which has forced the family to take extraordinary actions.

‘So right now, I’m paying $15,000 a year for this medicine, which costs in the United States $53,000 a year which I feel is… at best, criminal,’ said the father Jon Yeagley.

Whatever It Takes

The man travels to Canada for 6.5 hours and goes to purchase the medicine every three months. Although the trips there are pricey, it doesn’t surpass the cost of the medicine if bought in America.

‘There’s no reason why an American should pay three times what somebody in Canada or Europe or Mexico has to pay,’ he explains. Jon’s son is 21 years old and has been diagnosed with a rare condition which provokes hair loss. Although looking for treatments at every corner, American meds seemed too pricey or ineffective, which is why Canada became an alternative.

‘To my son, the medicine is priceless… I mean, it’s given him an entirely new identity… I believe it has meant everything to him. It’s made a tremendous difference in his personality and his well-being,’ Yeagley notes.

Why Is this Med More Expensive in America?

As per Jeanne Pinder, a CEO of a health and lifestyle website, ‘Prices can vary a lot. The same medication could be $8 at one pharmacy and $58 down the street. You just don’t know until you ask.’

And even though this is not precise information as to why the prices differ, it gives a statement at the very least. In the USA there is no agency or a governmental body in charge of managing drug prices or negotiating when it comes to it. Because of that, pharmacies determine their own prices, which enriches the medical industry with thousands of dollars.

Even if on prescription, these drugs often cost far more than in other countries. Also, there are cases in which some drugs cannot be found in America or can only be found there because other countries did not acknowledge their benefits. This is also why medicine in the USA plays monopoly with patients, and how it earns through meds.

What Can be Done About It?

Craig Garthwaite, who is an economist, said that this is often seen as a tool to attract more clients.

‘As you decrease the potential profits I’m going to make from pancreatic cures, I’m going to shift more of my investment over to apps to just keep the money in the bank and earn the money I make there,’ he concludes.

It is true that the pharmaceutical industry, and in America especially, makes profits off patients powerless to go to outside the borders and find a more price-friendly product. The country seems not only uninterested in changing this any time soon, but it also remains ignorant that when the American market doesn’t profit, another market worldwide does.

In this case, Canada just became best friends with patients in need of cheaper prescription and non-prescription drugs.

And to Jon Yeagley, bravo Sir!



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