Homeless Man Returned Woman’s $10k Check, So She Surprised Him With A Brand-new Home

No good deed goes unseen, and one man became a true testament to exactly that. Elmer Alvarez was one of the many homeless men in the streets, but his luck turned instantly. In fact, Alvarez, had just found a $10,000 check lost in the streets. While most would probably consider taking the check and carry on with their day, Alvarez did something that is rarely seen these days – he gave the check back.

The owner of the check, Dr. Roberta Hoskie, didn’t even realize she had lost her check until it was returned. It is safe to say, Alvarez made this real estate agent extremely grateful and appreciative.

‘Lord bless me so that I can be a blessing to others,’ said Dr. Hoskie.

Even though she had received her check, Roberta was not able to contact the man who found it. However, she wasn’t about to stop her mission of repaying Alvarez in the most considerate way. Only two weeks after the happening, Hoskie not only reached out to Alvarez, but also handed him the keys of his new house. In fact, the noble woman also paid the first six months of rent to help Alvarez get back on his feet.

As Dr. Hoskie explains, she was once a homeless person herself and understands the conditions in which these people live. Being left out in the streets along with her daughter, Hoskie recalls the period as ‘raining, cold, it was horrible. It was horrible.’

Dr. Hoskie also runs a school through her real estate career, and has even signed up Alvarez with a scholarship there. The man gladly accepted both gifts and is now on his journey of building a whole new life for himself.

So, why did Alvarez return the check in the first place?

‘Honestly, I gave it back from the bottom of my heart and I expected nothing back in return,’ he explained.

A Better Man

Today, Elmer’s focus is to try and get as many homeless people off the streets as possible.

‘When I see them down and depressed,’ he said, ‘I tell them, I talk to them and let them know. I was the one right there too. Help people. That’s where my focus is at now. Try to help others.’

Alvarez has been going to real estate school for over six months and has only one more exam left before getting his certificate. As he says, he and Dr. Hoskie are actively working on finding solutions which would help other homeless people as well.

‘I’ve got faith in God,’ he noted. ‘She’s going to take that project to another step, you know what I mean? So that’s where we are at.’

Alvarez is definitely a happy ending story. But, what is more, this is a story of doing good in the name of better days. It is about compassion and trusting the universe to bring it all together.

Or, as Alvarez himself likes to phrase it, ‘Do the right things and the right things come to you.’

Source: theheartysoul.com


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