How to Grow Lemons At Home And Never Buy Them Again

What better way to guarantee an organic and home-grown product, than planting it yourself? Yes, it’s true, plants serve as more than decoration, and bring plenty of health benefits, too. Take lemons for instance. Lemons are healthy, aromatic and offer countless qualities in terms of our health. When growing lemons, many would tell you that you have to put in a low of work. And while that may be true, lemons are actually easy to grow.

Below, we will explain how you can plant your brand new and fabulous lemon tree all on your own.

Why Grow Lemons at Home, Instead of Buying?

There are several reasons why homegrown lemons (or other plants) are a better choice than buying them. Here are some of them:

  1. You Control Your Plant

Whether it is watering or fertilizing, being in control of how you grow your lemons, matters. Basically, by taking control of your plant, you are introducing fewer pesticides in growing your lemon tree and enhance its organic qualities.

  1. More Nutrients

Organic fruits and vegetables always offer more beneficial vitamins and minerals than farmed ones. Also, by home-growing your lemons, you guarantee their freshness and durability.

  1. Picking at Your Own Call

If you like your lemons riper, you can leave the tree to grow for a while longer, giving you the chance to harvest a fruit fit to your tastes and still healthy as hell.

  1. Money

Home-grown lemons take more work but are far cheaper to plant and grow. In time and with good will, your lemons will grow wonderfully, and won’t hit your pocket too hard.

  1. Nutrition

Growing organic veggies and fruits is great, as it offers far more nutrients than farmed plants. Depending on your efforts, your lemons can stand out in health benefits, delivering the body the vitamins and minerals it lacks.

Growing Lemon Trees at Home: A How-To Guide

To grow your own lemons at home, you will need.

  • A lemon
  • A pot, or related container
  • Potting soil
  • Plastic film (make sure it’s breathable!)
  • A sun-kissed place in the house
  • A bucket
  • Watering device (can spray bottle, etc.)


First, place the soil in the bucket and pour tiny amounts of water to make it slightly moist. Fill the pot with this damp soil and leave one-inch empty space beneath the pot’s lip.

Extract the lemon seeds by cutting the fruit open, and keep the seeds moist when planting them. Plant the seed in your pot, at least half-an-inch inside the soil. Water your lemon tree carefully afterward and don’t allow the soil to become flooded.

Cover the pot with breathable plastic film and set it into a sunny area, for at least 8 hours a day. Lemon trees need one or two weeks before spouting, which is when you can take the plastic cover off.

Lemon trees grow fast, so make sure you transfer the fruit to a more suitable container as it outgrows its old one. If you have the perfect outdoor space for your lemons, let your tree make your garden or patio more beautiful.

What are the Benefits of Lemon?

Discussed times and times again, there are countless benefits to lemons. Take a look at the list below.

  1. Controls the Weight

Due to their high content of fiber, lemons can balance the weight and remove excess fats from the body. They also give you a sense of fullness, which keeps the unhealthy cravings at bay.

  1. Boosts Digestion

Again, fiber found in lemon is very important for the digestive system and its immaculate performance. Lemons also contain simple sugars, which makes 10% of the fruit based on carbohydrates.

One of the more important fibers in lemons, pectin, is great for managing digestion and helps reduce high blood sugar levels. For the greatest fiber intake, make sure you consume the lemon along with its pulp.

  1. Protects from Anemia

Lemons are rich in iron, which in combination with vitamin C found in lemons, makes the perfect tool to fight off anemia. Aside from these, lemons also contain citric acid which alkalizes the body and help absorb iron better.

  1. Enhances Cardiovascular Health

A single lemon is so powerful that it helps prevents symptoms of heart conditions and stroke. Even more, lemons help lower elevated cholesterol levels in the body.

On top of that, a lot of plant compounds within the sour yellow fruit promotes better heart health, as well as all the fiber within. They can also help to bring down cholesterol.

  1. Prevents Kidney Stones

Kidney stones occur when there is a crystallization process inside the organs. To alleviate pains and symptoms of kidney stones, include your home-grown lemons in your everyday meals and make sure you drink up a glass full of lemon water in the morning.



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