When it comes to cleaning the house in a more traditional manner, vinegar and baking soda will surely make your to-get list. Along with these two is also borax, a powerful cleaning tool that gives you so much more than cleanness.

Existing on the market for over a century, borax is a natural mineral, deriving from salt lakes evaporation. Borax is composed of water, oxygen, sodium, and boron, which makes the mineral a natural alkalizing agent. That said, borax has a pH of 9.3, which makes it great for maintaining hygiene at home, and eliminating surface bacteria with ease.

At the same time, borax can be used as a deodorant, an air freshener, and a laundry softener. Good with laundry, borax is also a great bleacher and leaves the fabric smooth and soft. Want more benefits of borax? Read the list below.

Top Benefits of Using Borax in Your Household

  1. Helps Remove Stains

    Clean stained fabric by adding half a cup of borax to every gallon of warm water used during laundry. Let the borax soak for half an hour and then add detergent and do laundry as per usual.

  2. Cleans Everything and Anything

    Borax is a great cleaner and can keep the hygiene optimal in clothing, tiles, sinks, faucets, toilets, tubs, kitchen appliances and hard surfaces around the house. After using borax, however, make sure to rinse the cleaned area with water.

  3. Works as a Dishwasher Soap

    No more struggles with hardcore stains on your dishware, borax is coming to your rescue. Aside from cleaning your dishes, borax also cleans the dishwasher as well, so you get the best of both worlds using it. For best results, sprinkle 1-2 cups borax into the sink or dishwasher and add detergent. Wash dishes as usual.

  4. Remove Bad Odors

    Eco-appropriate and natural, borax also helps eliminate bad smells around the house. To use it as a diffuser, mix half cup borax with 1 ½ cups of lukewarm water. Transfer the mix into a spray bottle and add 5-10 drops of essential oil of your choosing. Smells like heaven!

  5. Takes Care of Your Garden

    If you have brown plants, borax can help them revive and blossom all over again. Borax is great as it helps not only plants but garden fruits and vegetables, too. Mix 5 tablespoons borax in 5 gallons water and add several drops of dish soap. Transfer to a spray bottle and apply on the plants in need.

  6. Eliminates Pests

    Due to boron found in borax, this mineral can prevent nasty pests like fleas, ants, cockroaches, and beetles. To use it as a bug repellent, apply small amounts of borax to troubling areas or mix borax with honey/corn syrup and use it as a paste.

  7. No Rust

    Mix borax and lemon juice until it forms a paste. Apply the paste on rusty objects and let it sit for half an hour. Use a scrub brush and rub the rusty area until you see a clean surface. Rinse with lukewarm water after.

  8. Unclogs Drains

    Pour half a cup of borax in the sink drain and add two cups of boiling water. Let borax do its job for 15 minutes, and then flush and rinse with hot water.

  9. Cleans Mirrors and Windows

    Borax cleans glass like a charm, and you can combine three cups warm water with 2 tablespoons borax. Once dissolved, soak a cloth in the mix and use it to clean glass doors, windows and mirrors around the house.

  10. Eradicates Weeds

    Combine 1 ¼ cups borax with 2 ½ gallons of water, and stir well, Transfer liquid to a weed sprayer and carefully apply on the plant leaves that need it the most. Apply only on the foliage and avoid getting the mix into the soil.

  11. Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

    Mix 1 cup borax with 1 gallon of water. Spray the mix on affected areas and use a toothbrush to rub gently against the surface. Don’t rinse the surface immediately after, as borax will keep providing benefits for a bit longer.

  12. Removes Residue

    From stickers to labels on dishware, mix half a cup borax with ¼ cup of warm water and apply on troubling areas to clear tar, glue, gum and else.

  13. Cleans the Carpets and Rugs

    Sprinkle a bit of borax on your dirty carpets and after 30 minutes, vacuum as usual. If your carpets are stained, mix ½ cup of borax with water and apply on the stain using a clean cloth.

  14. Keeps the Flowers Fresh

    Who doesn’t like beautiful flowers? Now, you can make your blooms stand out even more by mixing one part of borax with two parts cornmeal and applying it on the flowers. Cover the flowers and place in a dry area for 14 days.

  15. Candle Wicks

    If you want your candles to burn longer, apply two tablespoons of borax, one tablespoon of salt, and one cup of boiling water on the wicks. Let his soak for a whole day, and then let the wicks dry for 2 days before using them.

Note: Borax is a natural mineral, but you should still be careful with it. Follow the instructions on the label box when using borax and avoid using powder borax, as it irritates the lungs. Also, keep the product away from kids and pets, and know the allowed usage dose is 5-10g.

Source: theheartysoul.com

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