Mom desperately seeks transplant as her infant daughter lies dying – help us send prayers and love

Nothing compares to the love of a mother. It’s powerful, it’s meaningful and it knows no limits. Proving this and more is Jennifer Shane, a mother who has struggled a lot to help her baby daughter survive a cardiovascular battle.

Arora Shane, otherwise called ‘Rori’, was only 1 when she experienced the hard side of life. Having stayed in the hospital for most of her first year of life, Rori has been diagnosed with a lethal heart problem.

However, her mom was not about to let things run their course and decided to take action. Namely, baby Arora needs a new heart, but a one so small that it could fit inside her tiny body and change her life for good.

The Journey of Finding a Heart for Rori

Organ donors are not easy to find, and heart donors are even rarer. Here is how the Facebook page intended for Rori’s case, explained the situation.

‘Because of her size, she has not received many offers. Blood type and weight are a key factor, a donor who weighs 20-50 pounds is needed and her blood type is A+.’

Given the odds for survival and therefore, finding a heart, left Rori with not much hope of survival.

Both encouraging and discouraging stories on social media left Jane puzzled whether she should share her baby’s story online. However, since this was basically the only option left, Jen knew exactly what she has to do.

‘Sharing this on social media is a long shot but it has worked and after living in the hospital for almost two years with Rori, I’ve heard firsthand of these stories. So I’m here bare bones about my daughter and her story to strangers which is not an easy thing but if this finds her a heart I would do it a million times over.’

A Life for Rori

Rori, who is staying at the Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, has her time ticking daily. She has already spent 200 days waiting on a heart, which decreases her odds for surviving this condition.

Today, a GoFundMe page set up for Rori, helps the family pay the hospital bills and other expenses. And just when everything seemed almost hopeless, along came December 13th, 2018.

On this particular day, the Facebook page stated:

‘She has a match!!! Rori is getting a heart tomorrow!!! I’m so happy I can’t even think! …Rori’s heart failure has been worsening by the minute and after they discovered the clot in her femoral artery everything really got scary. Hearing the absolute joy, excitement & relief in Jennifer’s voice as she’s telling me the news through tears was truly one of the best moments of my life. I’m ecstatic for Rori and her parents! …This is genuinely a Christmas miracle!! Thank you all so much for giving this amazing family your support, prayers, good vibes all of it. SHE’S FINALLY GETTING A HEART!!!’

A Happy Ending

The power of social media is huge and if used properly, it can save more children lives in the future. But, let’s take a moment and praise this bold and determined mother, who pulled all strings possible to help her daughter. She’s a hero, she’s an inspiration, and she’s the epitome of endurance and faith.

These stories serve as a reminder that by fighting the good fight we are likely to help more people in need than we initially thought.



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