Moms Offer Free Hugs at Pride Parade for Kids Whose Parents Rejected Them

A hug a day keeps the blues away!

Making a statement for generations to come, the state of Texas showed nothing short of unity…in the shape of one giant hug. In light of the recent Austin’s Pride Parade, hugging reached a whole new level, unlike anything Texans have seen thus far.

Namely, as a sign of encouragement for the LGBTQ community, and especially the younger generations, a wise blogger figured that a simple hug may just be what people were in need of. Jen Hatmaker, an initiator of the hugging parade, decided to shed light on how her hugging ritual during the event made a real impact on children, whose parents rejected them.

Hugs To Rejected Young People

Hatmaker, also an author and activist, took to Instagram and spoke of the event and her movement in detail. Jen, with a little help from her church-going fellows, decided to provide attendees with “free mom/dad/nana/pastor hugs” to everyone seeking comfort and understanding.

It seems the idea was so incredible that it gained instant popularity on Instagram, and earned Hatmaker a whopping 57,000 likes! As the initiator explains it herself, the ‘hugging’ inspiration stemmed from an existing hugging group, known as FreeMomHugs. This particular group focuses on bringing people and children closer through hugs, thus allowing different generations to express themselves via acts of kindness, instead of words alone.

The idea appeared to be more than ideal to incorporate just in time for the announced LGBTQ parade. In fact, a gesture as simple as a hug can teach the community of friendship, acceptance,and open-mindedness.

Young People Moved By The Hugs

According to Jen, a hug costs nothing but gives plenty in return. What is more, Hatmaker explains how her lovely initiative inspired many people to ask for a hug that day, making them feel better instantly. Furthermore, she explained how it only took one hug and a few kind words for people to open up and feel loved and appreciated at the same time. In her mind, people were more willing to share their troubles, just because they were approached in an accepting and loving manner.

The pride festival was an instant success, and the hugging session just gave the mission a whole new purpose and outlook. Hatmakerstated that at the end of the day, everyone present at the event left smiling and in good spirits. The little ones also enjoyed the hug fest and even received biiiig pastor hugs, full of understanding and compassion.

It is because of people such as Jen and everyone who contributed during the Austin’s Pride Fest, that we now believe the power of love is enough to change the way we perceive the world.

It is all about teaching our youth of niceness, giving back and simply being there for one another. And if one day, we all showed the ability to treat others lovingly, the power of people and positivity will know no limits. And, who knows, in time and through hugging we just might create a better place to live in.

Let’s hug it out!



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