In time, the importance of preserving beehives and ensuring their survival has become largely emphasized. Due to pollution, environmental changes like global warming and general negligence, the world of precious bees is in decline. The importance of bees to the human survival is crucial, and losing them would mean the end of the line for us, as well.

Thankfully, more and more people are engaging in nurturing bees back to life, and celebrities are no different. Today, we would like to discuss actor Morgan Freeman and his mission to preserve the bee population by turning his home into a bee sanctuary.

A Life-Long Mission

Morgan Freeman is becoming the bees’ hero and has transformed his 124-acre ranch into home to countless beehives. Located in Mississippi, the ranch was first heard of in 2014. While appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show,” Freeman said that after learning bees were listed as endangered, he decided to do something about it. Therefore, he purchased 26 beehives and has established an extraordinary connection with them. Even today, Freeman has never once been stung by a bee, and refuses to wear protective uniform, too. Freeman noted he is inspired that many people worldwide are likewise excited to help out the bees.

To help himself out, the actor has hired a gardener who gardens bee-loving plants, such as clover, lavender, and magnolias.

It Takes a Village!

Interestingly enough, Morgan Freeman is not the sole celebrity who has dedicated time to saving bees. RCHP’s bassist, Flea, for instance, has three hives with a total of 60,000 working bees. Actress Scarlett Johansen took inspiration from colleague Samuel L. Jackson, who gift her with a beehive for her wedding. Even back in history, many popular figures have been keen on keeping bees. Such include writer genius Leo Tolstoy, whose wife wrote on her husband’s attachment and love for bees.

Just like Tolstoy, author Sylvia Plath was also a beekeeper. In modern days, there are many famous figures who also tend to bees and make sure these precious insects are here for the long haul.

The Obamas first began keeping bees in 2008, with former First Lady Michelle Obama even keeping an eco-friendly garden in the White House’s back yard. Followed by their example were also the White House’s head Chef as well as Vatican’s patriarch, Pope Francis!

Small steps make the greatest efforts and lead to the most fruitful results, and when it comes to bees, the more awareness we spread, the better chances of a brighter world we have.


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