Neuroscientists Say The Human Brain Erases Unimportant Data To Make More Intelligent Decisions

Do you happen to forget important dates, birthdays, names or phone numbers? Neuroscientists have the perfect explanation for this.

Some people are able to remember an information, but other can’t do that. So, what happens inside your brain?

Forgetfulness and intelligence

Paul Frankland and Blake Richards from the University of Toronto explain that these brain lapses are normal. The human brain is designed to erase old memories in order to memorize new info.

They also confirmed that having a better memory doesn’t mean you are more intelligent than others. According to these researchers, forgetting tiny details is sort of important, as you have enough “room” in your brain to memorize important details.

The study of memory is based on the ability to remember information, and determines the differences between neurobiological and computational mechanisms underlying transience.

The author of this study, professor Richards, explains that the brain tends to forget irrelevant info and focuses on things that ease the decision making process. In other words, the interaction between remembrance/persistence and transience is of great help in the process of making a good decision in dynamic environment.

The primary purpose of memory is optimizing the decision-making process. The transmission of information isn’t as important as this process. Transience improves flexibility by reducing the effect of old information on memory-guided decision-making, and is actually able to prevent over-fitting to specific events of the past, promoting generalization.

The decision-making process is optimized by erasing irrelevant information and paying attention to details that bring intelligent decisions. Transience is as important as persistence, and bad memory is actually your brain’s way of making room for relevant details, while preventing energy waste caused by remembering trivial details.

However, this doesn’t apply to those who forget things all the time. Professor Richards notes that forgetting some details shouldn’t switch on your panic mode, because your memory system has its own ways of doing its job.

According to Publisher’s Note, the article published with a headline, “Neuroscientists Say Your Forgetfulness Is A Sign Of Extraordinary Intelligence” is actually misleading and hyperbolic claim that failed to reveal the true findings of the scientific effort.

Scientists didn’t mention anything about the link between forgetfulness and intelligence. They only said that human brain erases old information to make intelligent decision.



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