New Study Claims Taking a Hot Bath Is the Equivalent Calorie-Wise of a 30-Min Walk

Are you a fan of hot baths?  I mean, who isn’t, but even if you love them already, let’s give you a reason to cherish them even more. Soaking in a hot bath is more than soothing to the mind and body. Hot water helps relax the muscles and joints, keeps the skin hydrated and fresh-looking and induces proper sleeping habits, too. According to People Bodies.

According to researchers at Loughborough University, the effects of hot water in the body are incredibly beneficial. In the research, subjects laid in a hot bath (104-degree Fahrenheit) for one hour straight. The findings of this research showed that participants burned as many calories as with riding a bike. The total amount of calories burnt was 130 calories, which is the same as taking a 30-minute stroll.

Having in mind the marvels of a hot bath (even for the sake of it!), here are some of its lesser known, ye equally important benefits.

Top Benefits of a Hot Bath You Didn’t Know About

  1. Improved Sleep

To sleep better, mix several drops of lavender oil to your hot bath and soak on. Switching body temperature together with lavender oil can ease the body and mind into a sound sleeping cycle. According to Natural Sleep Medicine.

  1. Sinus Pain Prevention

Hot baths help unclog stuffed nose and suppress symptoms of colds and the flu. With that, a hot bath can make you more resistant to allergies and will get rid of excess mucus trapped in the lungs. According to Primarily Inspired.

  1. Encouraged Blood Flow

A hot bath can speed up the blood flow, by relaxing the blood vessels. In return, hot water allows the body to recharge and the muscles to relax.

  1. Soreness Help

If you are active throughout the day, a hot bath will solve any potential side-effects of the physical activity. Hot water reduces lactic acid buildup in the body. As a result, it can soothe painful muscles and tissues, and diminish chronic joint pain. According to Medical News Today.

  1. Alleviated Breathing

Hot bath cleanses the lungs and eliminates built-up mucous in the tissues. Also, warm water pressures your chest in a stimulating manner, allowing oxygen to circulate the body more easily. If you want the maximum effects of a hot bath, always soak up to the shoulders. According to National Library of Medicine.

As simple as it may sound, hot water makes a cost-free remedy that will help you heal, feel better and perform at your best. Adding essential oils and Epsom salt to your bath will increase its amazing effects, so experiment and find what feels good.



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