Aren’t vacations just amazing?

You get to spend time off work, be with your own thoughts and do exactly what makes you happy. While vacations sound amazing, there is one group of people who need them more than others – moms. When it comes to motherhood, it is not always rainbows and butterflies. In fact, more and more mothers today are feeling excessive levels of stress and anxiety, all due to the heaviness of their role.

Finding a solution to the problem are numerous psychologists, claiming that mothers have to find a way to unwind and relax. Along come mom-cations, offering a light at the end of the tunnel for all mothers in need.

Mothers are Deserving of a Break, As Per Science

A mom-cation represents a break in which spending some time off ‘duty’ can help a mother improve her emotional and physical state. Call it ‘me time’ if you will, but science is determined to put an emphasis on the importance of well-rested mothers.

One psychologist, Dr. Nava Silton, explains the matter in depth, saying, that ‘it’s very important for kids to see that balance that ideally needs to be achieved in a family situation.’

Why Is Motherhood a Challenge?

For starters, motherhood involves so much more than just regular children care. In fact, mothers prepare meals, deal with laundry, and pick up misplaced toys, all the while making sure their kids are properly behaved, healthy and educated. With all that and more, mothers rarely have time to be on their own or figure out their own needs and desires. This, in addition, can lead to more stress and less happiness and satisfaction in mothers everywhere. And if moms are not as rested or happy with their lives, it is hard to expect them to apply fulfillment in their day-to-day lives.

Yes, a vacation would sound nice, but even if you cannot find the time to get away for a while, stay cation may be just what you’ve been missing out on.

How to Make Mom-Cationsa Regular Practice at Home?

Naturally, moms feel guilty for leaving their children in the care of the father or other family members. However, this guilt is totally unfounded and can actually lead to more health complications. To learn how to find the perfect balance between caring for your kids and yourself, read the list of useful tips below.

  1. Take a Morning off Once a Week

    You can still enjoy the benefits of a weekend, and the best way to begin is by taking one weekend morning off. This little practice is actually very helpful and allows the body and mind to recharge and relax. Use your day off to do the things you enjoy the most. Take a long hike, see your friends, go to the spa – basically, do anything that makes you feel like the person you remember.

  2. Take a Day off Every Month

    When mornings cannot do the trick, it is relevant that you still take the time to feel like yourself again. Enjoy a full day off once per month and see how your routine and energy changes. Mothers often carry burden that is not their own, so it is crucial they find a way to let go off it. Also, taking a full day off allows mothers to be organized, self-confident and prepared to tackle everyday obstacles.

  3. Schedule Your Day Right

    A mom-cation is great for finding new perspectives and getting everything in order. Just like organizing everything else daily, moms should also take the time to plan out their vacation, too. Practices like saving money, planning ahead and getting excited about your day off can be beyond rewarding, emotionally and otherwise.

  4. Stop Beating Yourself Up

    When it comes to resting the body and mind, there is no need to feel ashamed of wanting some alone time. Instead of feeling guilty and allowing mom-shaming to get to you, think about the benefits of your vacation. By cutting yourself some slack, you will actually become a better mother, friend, wife, and human being. Feeling happy is not a sin, but a necessity. When you feel happy, you can make sure everyone else around you does as well. And doesn’t that count for something?


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