Psychology Explains Why Blunt People Make The Best Friends

Everyone appreciates honest and blunt people, until the truth comes along. However, having loving and honest friends can be a significant pro in your life. According to psychology, having an impartial opinion by your side, and from a person you trust is priceless. At times, we all need a ‘cold shower’ talk, so here are the 5 main reasons why blunt friends are the best type of friends to have around.

5 Reasons You Need Blunt Friends by Your Side

  1. They Speak Upright

Trustworthy and blunt people will never hide anything from you. They won’t sugarcoat things and will always give you a clearer picture. In the mind of a blunt person, it is important to speak up ‘so people can deal with the very root of the situation,’ notes William B. Bradshaw, a PhD in the field.

However, people often mistake honesty with brutality. Blunt friends will never intentionally hurt your feelings but will try to address a problem from a neutral point of view.

  1. They Stick Around

Blunt friends will show you how much they enjoy hanging out with you. Honest people don’t like wasting their time on fake relationships, so these are definitely friendships you should cherish. They will be upfront about how they feel, how you may feel without knowing it, and will always try to find a solution that works for both sides. Yes, it’s nice having downright sincere friends.

  1. They Make You Better

Trustworthy and reliable friends who speak their mind, only have your best interest in mind. They know your feelings, your aspirations and your goals. Therefore, through their sincerity, you can push yourself to achieve more and become a better person. Blunt friends don’t like to drag you back but need someome to grow alongside with.

‘When you surround yourself with friends like this, your life will completely change.  You become more positive, driven, and focused on your priorities,’ notes lifestyle expert Chalene Johnson.

  1. They Will Apologize

Blunt people don’t have any issues with apologizing when necessary. In fact, if they feel they took things too far, they will discuss the issue with you and resolve any conflicts. Not arguing in nature, but rather straightforward, blunt people are great to have around as they appreciate you and the person you are.

  1. They Will Shield You from Harm

One of the best traits of blunt people is the need to protect you from harmful situations. And while they speak their mind and are open with you, they won’t let anyone else cross a social or ethical line with you. Honest people are open books and will address a problem as soon as they notice it. These people are loyal and always have your back…and best of all – they tell it like it is.


It is without a doubt true that humans need socializing to prosper. However, when choosing the people that surround you, always pick friends which introduce quality to your relationship. Compassion, honesty, and bluntness are not to be considered negative traits, but qualities seen in people who have life figured out.

Thank you, blunt friends!



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