Science Explains What Happens To Your Soul After Death

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“I believe that consciousness, or its immediate precursor proto-consciousness, has been in the universe all along, perhaps from the big bang.” – Dr. Stuart Hameroff, MD

Death is the most mysterious and intriguing topic in the entire mankind. Mentioning it gives you chills, and makes you think about it. What happens after you die? Where does your soul go? Scientists give their best to provide real answers to your questions.

If you ask everyone around you, ‘what happens after you die?’ you will probably get answers like ‘something’ or ‘nothing.’ Religion has offered people an explanation of the process, but people crave for deeper answers. Are we ‘recycled?’ Maybe we become ‘nothing.’

Dr. Stuart Hameroff tried to get closer to the truth, and he says something really happens. The doctor used the word consciousness to describe it.

Scientists have found what happens to souls after death

The role of consciousness

If you check up the Oxford English Dictionary, you will notice that consciousness is described as:

  • the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.
  • the awareness of perception of something by a person.
  • the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.

There are so many ongoing debates about consciousness and death. Some say consciousness is nothing but a result of brain activity. Others believe the ‘Universe,’ ‘God’ and other forces contribute to your state of being. They say the same thing about internal elements, i.e. ‘Spirit,’ ‘Life force,’ ‘Mind,’ etc.

The Orch-OR theory

Dr. Hameroff is responsible for the Center of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona. He has been exploring consciousness throughout his career, and that’s a 50-year effort. The doctor dedicated his career and free time to explore the consciousness as it is related to the field of quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is “a fundamental theory in physics which describes nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles.”

To make things clear for you and reveal more about the essence of quantum mechanics, let’s start from the beginning. Have you ever heard about the “Double-Slit Experiment?”

The Double-Slit Experiment

The Double-Slit Experiment is embroidered in quantum physics, and every expert in this field is amazed with it as it defies the law of nature.

Here is some basic info:

  • Photons are light particles and these pass through two slits
  • Researchers believe that photons form an ordered pattern (all you have to do is imagine two vertical lines packed with little ‘pellet protons’ shooting onto a screen)
  • When researchers use an observational device (a detector) to detect the protons’ pathway in the slit, they find zero patterns, meaning there are no more vertically-aligned pellet protons
  • This means that people alter the pattern using a technical apparatus. Human observation is such a hilarious thing!
  • The energy pattern researchers predicted (as determined by natural law) produces no pattern

“Classic quantum experiment could conceal theory of everything” is a piece in which Anil Ananthaswamy of New Scientists gives a perfect explanation for this:

“Our classical view of the world suggests that photons of light should pass through one slit or the other, and thus create two parallel bands on the screen behind. But instead, the light spreads out onto alternating bands of light and dark … (the) iconic physics experiment may be hiding more than we ever realized about the nature of reality.”

“Quantum consciousness”

Your mind and the Universe have two things in common.

  1. You know so little about them
  2. There are quantum vibrations in both

You may have read that “correlation does not imply causation” somewhere, but we cannot deny the fact there is a BIG relationship between the human mind and universe.

What defines this relationship?

Let’s go back to the Orch-OR theory

In 1996, a duo of mathematician and physicist proposed the orchestrated objective reduction theory of consciousness. Yes, the ‘Orch-OR’ theory. Dr. Hameroff and Roger Penrose amazed the world with their revelation.

According to this theory, consciousness comes from microtubules, a type of tiny protein structures within the brain.

When it comes to physiology, microtubules are the cell’s “conveyor belts” that transport cellular resources and materials. Microtubules also take part in cell division and structuring.

Believe it or not, microtubules contain quantum energy

“The origin of consciousness reflects our place in the universe, the nature of our existence. Did consciousness evolve from complex computations among brain neurons, as most scientists assert? Or has consciousness, in some sense, been here all along, as spiritual approaches maintain?”

Hameroff and Penrose provided an answer for their rhetorical question:

“… our theory accommodates both these views, suggesting consciousness derives from quantum vibrations in microtubules, protein polymers inside brain neurons, which both govern neuronal and synaptic function, and connect brain processes to self-organizing processes in the fine scale, ‘proto-conscious’ quantum structure of reality.”

These two experts released their findings twenty years ago. So many technological advances have been develop after their great revelation (brain imaging, observational apparatuses, etc.) and each of these support Hameroff and Penrose’s effort.

Orch-OR and Death

Scientists have accepted the law of conservation of energy, and it says that “energy can neither be created nor destroyed.”

But, it can sure shift forms.

The energy within you must shift forms. That’s what the ‘law’ says.

Final words

Quantum energy is the essential building block of the Universe.

Quantum energy lives within you.

Is the Universe your creator?

Do you just return home after shifting your body form as Hameroff and Penrose’s theory suggests?

Take some time to think about that!


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