Science Says Short Women and Tall Men Make the Happiest Couples

There is something so common about seeing a woman dating a taller man. Taller men have always seemed more appealing to women, and it is all due to nature. In nature, males are physically the stronger sex, so it is only natural for females to get attracted by the sense of security and comfort. If you find taller men more suitable as well, read on to learn what studies say on the subject.

Are Taller Men a Woman’s Road to Happiness?

According to studies, taller men and shorter women make the perfect pairing. A particular 2017 study, which involved 7850 Indonesian subjects analyzed this phenomenon in depth. In fact, the study showed that in marriages, the taller the husband is, the happier the woman is as well. The study concluded these findings while examining marital relationships of up to 18 years. Still, couples who were married for over 18 years, did not take the height as a key factor of happiness.

In modern society, height in men is often associated with the man’s earnings. Namely, the study proved that taller men automatically had higher earnings and showed greater achievement potential. At the same time, the study also noted that the height was not a determining factor in tall married men.

Another interesting key point of the study is that taller men are often more self-pleased with their lifestyle, especially when compared to shorter men. Because of that, women are almost naturally attracted to taller and stronger men, and seem happier and fulfilled in such relationships.

People Change, As Do Preferences!

Not all women fall for a taller guy. In fact, many women are just as happy being with someone just as tall as them, or even shorter. Today, society has changed, and so have our viewpoints on relationships and preferable types of men. Moreover, we see many couples today in which the man is shorter and the woman is absolutely fine with it.

So, everything doesn’t always rely on studies alone. Another study, conducted in 2010, explains that women are letting go of the tall-men criteria when it comes to relationships. The study also found that, while taller men oozed more self-confidence in men, shorter males were actually more romantic and giving.

And if you still cannot wrap your head around the idea of dating someone shorter than you, have a look at these celebrity couples which stood the test of height:

1) Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban


2) Chrissy Teigen and John Legend


3) Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams


4) Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine


Basically, it all comes down to what you need in a relationship, emotion-wise. So, when it comes to the matters of the heart, height is anything but a deal-breaker. To each their own, guys, the important thing is being happy and fulfilled!



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